How To Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate In 5 Steps

How To Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate In 5 Steps.jpg

Landing pages are a critically important aspect of digital marketing. They play a huge part in driving conversions for your business. Creating more leads that can then be nurtured into sales.

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Ultimately, increasing your business' income and turnover. If your current landing pages are struggling to convert or are converting below an acceptable rate, you need to act on it right away! Get to the bottom of why they're not converting, boost their conversion rate, get more clients and increase your profit! Continue reading to find out how you can boost your landing page conversion rate in 5 steps.

1) Review Your Offer

The first element to look at when reviewing your landing page is the offer itself. Has it converted previously, is it relevant to the prospects who are visiting the page and what type of offer is it? You need to look at what type of leads you want to bring in. On a landing page, we usually focus on bringing in leads at an awareness stage first and then move them down the sales funnel until they are ready to buy. A good example of an awareness stage offer is a free guide on something relevant that your prospects are going to find useful.

2) Look At Your Form

The form is one of the main elements on your landing page. If people are being scared off by this then it is just not going to work. You need to make sure that the length of your form matches the value of your offer. For example, if you are just offering a free guide then a reasonable form length would be 2-4 fields. However, if you are offering something of a bit more value, where the lead is going to be a bit further down the sales funnel then the form should be a bit longer and should mirror your offer. Some other tips for the form on your landing page:
  • Don't include any unnecessary fields
  • Make sure it stands out
  • Make it clear
  • Make sure there is validation on it and ensure this works correctly
  • Make sure the submit/call to action button is descriptive and stands out

3) Tweak Your Headline

The headline is the first thing visitors who land on your landing page are going to see. It needs to be clear and contain the key offer. I.e. if your landing page was for a free guide, a suitable headline would be “Download Your Free Guide To X”. If you really want to boost your conversion rate, try using some different headline variations, either changing the whole thing or changing certain words. If you have the opportunity to include a benefit or guarantee in your headline then that will make it even more appealing! This is sure to boost your landing page conversion rate.

4) Try Changing Your Main Image

Like your headline, the main image on your landing page is another one of the key elements and another of the things your visitors will see right away. This main image needs to catch the attention of your potential customers and it should be relevant to what you are offering. Where possible, if you can use your own images this is often better than using stock images. For example, if you were offering a free call back, having an image of one of your actual team members instead of a model will often work better.

5) Copy

Finally, the fifth step to boosting your landing page conversion rate is to review and update your copy. The copy on your landing page should be benefit orientated and not be too salesy. Make sure it focuses predominantly on what your prospects are going to get from whatever you are offering and how they are going to benefit. Another good tip to remember is to break your copy up with sub headlines and bullets. Finally, don't make it longer than it needs to be!


If you follow the steps in this article then you should start seeing better conversion rates from your landing pages. Split testing your landing pages should never end. You should be constantly striving to better your current conversion rate and never settle for second best! There are much more ways to boost your landing page conversion rate that I haven't talked about but this article should give you a great idea and a brilliant start!

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