4 Digital Marketing Techniques That Can Turn Your Website Into A Motorway Of Conversions

As part of your role as marketing manager, your main focus has to be the company website and getting quality traffic to the website. Also getting top quality traffic leads to convert which, in turn, leads to revenue. So top quality traffic is a big deal in a top marketing strategy.

So I’m sure you’re asking yourself how do I, as the marketing manager, with little time get top quality traffic to the website and get it to convert.

Read the 4 tips below to get a head start with your digital marketing

1) Is Your Website Design Too Old?

Just like motorways have diverted traffic from old country roads, a fresh and clean modern website that is optimised for mobiles and takes into account the buyers need and expectations will draw traffic. Focus on load speeds, this needs to be fast, as a small second delay in website loading time can result in up to a 7 percent loss in conversions. Over 40 per cent of website users will close down a site that takes over 3 seconds to load. That’s a lot of potential conversions to lose. Learn more on how to reduce website load speed with this article - Website Load Speed Time – How to Give Your Website The Boost It Needs.

In addition, a mobile responsive design and platform is almost a necessity these days. Not just because Google says so, but because many people who are visiting your site are on the train, bus or at an exhibition using their mobile phones.

2) Make The Navigation Simple

Marketing managers can learn another lesson from the motorway network. Motorways make it easy to get to your destination. This should be the same focus for your navigation on your website. Just as you want to get to your destination as quickly and easily as possible, so do the people on your website. Visitors do not want to saunter around on your site trying to find the information they need. The easier your site is to actually use, the more conversions you will get from your website.

A recent top website designer stated: "Website navigation is very important. Unless you're only driving visitors to landing pages, you'll need to facilitate smooth transitions from one area of your site to the others. After all, a visitor who enters on the homepage needs to be taken to a conversion page, i.e. a product page, contact page or dedicated sales page ... The point is that visitors should be able to find what they're looking for with minimal effort."

3) Use Attention Grabbing Content

Imagine yourself driving down the motorway, you’re hungry and you see a sign for a service station at the next junction, what are you going to do? Such a sign is irresistible, and you are going to take that exit to get some food. What is the lesson?

If you want to draw top quality traffic to your site, you have to provide irresistible content for your buyer personas.

Use these types of content to attract more visitors to your site-

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Interviews
  • ‘How-to’ articles
  • Blog posts

Remember that they need to be brimming with relevant, engaging information. To quote a famous film: “If you build a great content strategy, they will come”. The day of the static "brochure" website is now as extinct as the dinosaurs. Your website needs to be more like a publication.

To find out more about quality content then please click the link below to read more JDR Group blogs: http://blog.jdrgroup.co.uk/digital-prosperity-blog/topic/content-marketing

4) Work With A Digital Marketing Agency

When a motorway gets overloaded with cars it can slow down to a crawl or even completely stop. This can be the same when you just don’t have enough time in the day to complete all the digital marketing strategies you would like. For many business this can be overwhelming due to the amount of time it can take to employ these tactics. That's where a digital marketing agency comes in. Partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency will pay off in terms of increased traffic and conversions, sometimes very quickly.

A digital marketing agency can help you map out top level content marketing, optimise your web design, coordinate all your campaigns with social media, email, and traditional marketing methods, and drive traffic to your site in record numbers whilst giving you the time you need to perform your managerial tasks.

If you want to have a constant flow of high quality leads just like a motorway, then read the 4 points above that will help you gain the edge in your marketing campaign and produce high speed, high quality leads that are guaranteed to convert at a higher level. For more advice on increasing conversions, read: Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools: A Guide To 5 Top Tools To Increase Website Conversions

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