How to Grow Website Traffic Consistently & Reliably

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The reason you have a website is to get people to visit it and engage with it. Whether your website is eCommerce and you're looking for sales, a brochure site that shows off your great products and services, or an information site you hope will educate people, you have that website because you want people to visit it.

Website visitors come in the form of traffic, and for your website to grow bigger and more influential, you need your traffic to grow. There are many effective ways to see an increase in website traffic, but if you want your website to be a long-term success you should implement the following techniques.

Give People What They Want (Content)

When people have an issue, they want answers as soon as possible. Thanks to smartphones and the almost unlimited access to search engines, the fastest way of finding an answer to a problem is to Google the issue and look through the relevant content. With this in mind, a great way to increase the long-term traffic your website receives is by producing helpful, relevant content that will answer the problems people are having. Link this content back to your website and you'll be getting lots of happy visitors who want to search your site for more great content.

Effective content types can include:

  • Blog Articles
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • PDFs

If the content you produce is of a high quality, it will continue to drive traffic to your website for years to come, and thanks to online resources such as Canva, Animoto and Grammarly it often doesn't cost much to create it either.

Visit The Places They Visit (Social Media)

Social media is one of the most visited platforms on the internet and has billions of users across its various sites. This is why having a strong social media presence is important for both keeping your website relevant but also for attracting new traffic. You can post your great content on social media to allow more people the opportunity to see it as well as talking directly to customers and leads. Doing this will build up a relationship with people so when they come to need your product or service they'll head straight to your website and trust that they'll be getting a quality product.

Keep The Conversation Going (Email)

Returning traffic is just as important as new traffic. Capturing customer information using offers and deals will allow you to start Emailing potential customs. These Emails can't just be any old chatter though, you need to send content or information, things that the individual wants to know.

Sending regular Emails will keep you in the mind of the lead and as a result, they will often return to the website to see what's new and how you can help them. Learn more about the power of email marketing with this great article - 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still So Cost Effective.

Be The First & Only (SEO)

Being the top of Google is always going to be a great way of getting traffic. If your keywords are relevant and result in the lead being taken to an appropriate page, you should see consistent traffic. SEO data should be on every page of your website and every piece of content you produce. You need to be thinking about what you want certain pages and content to be found for and how important that content is to those keywords. If your keywords aren't relevant to the page or content then Google will rank you badly and you'll struggle to reach the top spot, as well as people not trusting your site and will likely not return to your website.

Doing just one of these processes will bring in new leads, although doing all of them will bring a great increase in traffic that will only grow in time. It is likely that you are reading this article because of one of the above reasons. Maybe it was emailed to you, maybe you saw it on social media or maybe you found it through a Google search.

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