How To Send An Email Campaign With HubSpot

How To Send An Email Campaign With HubSpot

Did you know that email marketing can help build awareness around your brand and gain new customers? That’s why many leading names such as Buzzfeed and Mumsnet are using this highly valuable tool to assist in their digital marketing efforts and are reaping the rewards.

With this being said, you might be thinking of how to get a piece of the action through sending your first email campaign via Hubspot. We share with you some straightforward steps to help you get started:

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Who Is Your Audience?

Firstly, identify who are you going to be sending your campaign to. In the Hubspot contact database, we can select who would be the most appropriate audience for your message. More details of contact are detailed in point 5.

The email can be sent to all contacts or it could only be sent to a subsection. Subsections are based on lists. You can manually put people into a list or you can create lists based on rules e.g. people who have filled in an online form or reviewed certain pages of our website. Lists can also be based on industries the contact is affiliated with.

Content Creation

The next step is the actual email itself. You can set up templates or use pre-made ones available in the Hubspot MarketPlace, some of which are free and some of which come at a small cost.

Ideas for creating the content include adding a company logo in a prominent place, i.e. at the top, as well as integrating social media sharing at the bottom to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, for example.

You can also insert “personalisation tokens” such as the customer/prospect’s first name e.g. “Hello (First Name), How are things at…” then include another personalisation token such as the name of the company. A default value can be put in instead such as “your company” if you don’t know the company name.

Images, bullet points, manipulating the typesize and font, and hyperlinking actions can enhance the email as well as adding “calls to action” such as “Free Webinar - book your place”.

Testing Your Content

Once you are satisfied with the content of your email, you can preview how your email is going to look on different electronic devices. Another important task includes creating an A/B test to split test an email and see which version of the email works best or which subject line will provide the most “open rate” by readers. You can also send test emails to yourself or a colleague for a final check.


Tailoring the subject line according to the content of your email adds extra information to entice the readers. This can be further extended by adding people’s first name to make it more friendly and personalised, e.g. “This is a friendly email to say hello” and then inserting the first name of the contact.

Final Touches

Select who the email is going to by going into the contacts section and choosing individual contacts. You can pick people manually or send the email to a list that has been created, and there will be a chance to do any final edits, toggling between the HTML version which has all the images and the plain text version.


The email can be sent at a later date or scheduled based on time zones.

Using Hubspot’s email marketing tool is powerful in that you can create “trigger emails” depending on what a contact clicks on your website, for example. This allows you to see the behaviour and what steps they may possibly take in the future. As well as this, you will also be able to view analytics for reporting purposes – handy for effective content writing and tailoring it for the audience.

Hubspot doesn’t only offer email marketing, it offers an extensive digital marketing tool collection encompassing blogging, sales tracking, lead scoring as well as pay-per-click management. As a leading marketing agency and certified Platinum Hubspot agency partner in the East Midlands, JDR Group is brimming with expertise and knowledge to help support businesses reach their marketing goals. Why not give us a call now and see how we can help you?

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Image source: Pixabay