How To Write A Winning Marketing Email (Every Time!)

How To Write A Winning Marketing Email (Every Time)

When you launch a brilliant new product or add a great new feature, you'll want to tell people about it. An email campaign is an excellent way to do this. The problem you'll often come up against is how to write that email to get what you really want: conversions. c

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Keep Things Simple

You want the people receiving your marketing email to grasp straight away what the key point is. So keep things concise, clear, and focused. Don't be tempted to add extra details around the edges on subjects that are only tangentially related. Simplicity is the key to product or service success in business. Similarly, the ideal marketing email will tell the recipient one thing – but it will do that in a way that makes them feel excited about the prospect of making a purchase.

Know Your Goal

Let's be clear about this: a lot of readers skim emails instead of reading every detail. You may wish things were otherwise, but you've got to deal with the reality. That means you have to know precisely what your goal is – for example, clicking through to your website. Your team should know from the start what you're aiming at, so do the research before you even begin.

Get A Second Opinion

With any form of writing, it's easy to miss important details in material you've produced yourself. A second pair of eyes can be one of the most valuable weapons in your arsenal. Within your business, you've probably become used to using some terms that may not be as obvious to prospects. You might be surprised at how often someone who isn't so invested in your product can spot better ways to phrase the message you want to get across. This is another area where a digital marketing specialist like JDR can both save you money and help to increase your ROI.

Be Informal

Marketing emails are not whitepapers. You don't need to use technical language or go into enormous detail. In fact, doing that can be counter-productive. Instead of jargonistic terms like "cross-platform", say "works on all devices". Identify yourself with your product by using the first person. "We are proud to introduce a great way for you to deliver widgets quicker and cheaper" sounds much more relatable than "Product X is an innovative development in widget system delivery."

Perfect Your Subject Line

The recipient of your email will probably decide whether or not to open it on the basis of what the subject line says. You have a few seconds or less, so make your time count. Questions can work well, as can lines that play on people's fear of missing out on something great or that offer them something appealing. Using words like "invites" in the subject can excite the recipient's curiosity and suggest that they're getting a chance to be involved in something special.

Getting It Right

Perfecting your marketing emails is as much an art as a science. You'll probably have a few misses before you find the mark. Don't sweat that – but when things do click, you'll realise fast just how much difference the right email can make. For assistance creating and managing a winning email marketing campaign, please speak to one of our specialists today on 01332 343281.

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