Why Using Inbound Marketing Techniques Can Give You A Competitive Edge

Why Using Inbound Marketing Techniques Can Give You A Competitive Edge

To succeed in business, you need to stand out. However, that can sometimes feel like an impossible task, particularly if you're running a small business in an overcrowded industry. If you develop an effective inbound marketing strategy, however, you could find that you're a step ahead of some of your rivals and really reap rewards. Let's take a look at some of the benefits that using inbound marketing techniques could have for your company.

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1) Inbound Marketing Is A Long-Term Solution

If you want to gain a larger market share, it can be tempting to embark on quick-fix options, such as cold calling campaigns. However, even if these bring in more customers, you'll only see a short-term increase in sales. Inbound marketing methods, such as content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), and social media marketing, are designed to boost business over time, so your company will continue to grow.

2) You Can Reach A Large Audience Of Potential Clients

Whether your inbound marketing plan focusses on using platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn, on paid online advertising, or SEO, you'll be able to reach significant numbers of people quickly. If you target your efforts effectively, you can attract people who are likely to become customers to your website, minimising the amount of time that the sales team spends speaking to prospects who are never expected to convert.

3) You Can Boost Your Retention, Upsell & Cross-Sell Rates

If you want to be more successful than your rivals, you'll need to hang on to the customers you have and improve their lifetime value.

That means ensuring they shop with you more than once. By tracking your customers' buying journeys and communicating with them at critical stages of the process, you can encourage them to do just that. Not only can you use inbound marketing techniques like email campaigns as signposts to drive initial sales, you can use them to advertise other products or services that your customers might like and persuade them to become regular clients.

4) Your Marketing Efforts Will Be Simple To Maintain

Once you get into the swing of things, you'll be able to fit the work you need to do into your schedule. For example, you can set time aside to create social media content or blog posts in advance and use automated posting tools to publish them at regular intervals. As you'll be carrying out marketing activities on an ongoing basis, you won't need to take weeks out all the time to work on one-off campaigns. What's more, if you hire an inbound marketing agency specialist like JDR, you'll be able to leave the time-consuming chores to someone else.

5) Monitoring Your Results Will Be Accurate & Easy

If you want to put your competitors' marketing efforts to shame, tracking your results is essential. Not only will this help you to see how profitable your campaigns have been, you can use the data that you've obtained to perfect future activities. You'll be able to gain insights into your customers from digital advertising and social media platforms, software such as HubSpot, and your website analytics package, and use this information to create campaigns that will really get results.

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