How To Generate Leads Without Cold Calling?

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Cold Calls. Dreaded by most, yet still considered a must. Is this true? Are cold calls really the only way to successfully generate leads?

It is vital to do everything in your power as a business owner to get your company name out there, with your product or service benefiting people's lives. However, cold calling is definitely not the only route to go down to achieve recognition and sales.

Nobody wants to be interrupted by someone trying to sell them something they're not interested in, do they? So, here's how to generate leads without cold calling:

Build Relationships On Social Media

Building relationships with consumers on social media is more important now than it has been ever before. People are very heavily influenced by the internet, a lot more than they think! Social media is a fantastic platform to begin blossoming relationships with potential leads. Businesses can gain so much brand awareness just by carrying out simple tasks such as retweeting prospects on Twitter, and sharing some of their content to your network, or embarking in a conversation with them. Answering people's questions, being helpful and providing valuable, worthwhile information is the key to generating leads. All of the little things are what make up the bigger picture.


Word of mouth is arguably one of the most valuable marketing methods for any company, in any industry. But as the saying goes, nothing good comes easy! And that is most definitely true in this case.

How great would it be if all of your past and present customers went and told all of their friends and family how good your company is? We can dream. Not everyone will admit it, but most people are very unlikely to do something for you if there's nothing in it for them. That's why it is so important to provide incentives for referrals. An example of this would be to give 10% off the customer's next order if they get a friend to sign up to your newsletter.

Build Up Inbound Leads

Attracting traffic to your website organically is proven to be the most effective way to generate leads. According to Social Media B2B, B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those that don't!

By building up your inbound leads, you are building up potential customers that are already interested in what you have to offer. They are more engaged and more educated on the industry in which your company stands, as opposed to cold call receivers. This means they are much more likely to turn into a sale than with Outbound Marketing.

A few Inbound Marketing techniques include optimising specific keywords for your website, blogging, videos and infographics.

Hopefully these points have been beneficial to you and your company, and have taught you a little something about how to generate leads without cold calling. If you have any queries, please comment below or call us on 01332 343281 for an informal chat.

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