Do Page 1 Google Rankings Still Matter In 2017?

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In today's society the importance of Google is unparalleled. Google is all powerful. Google's algorithm scans millions of pages (alongside Meta data) to determine which websites are the most useful and relevant to what the user is searching for. People don't just trust Google results, we rely on Google day-in day-out to help us source information and make decisions.

For this reason the answer to the question 'Do Page 1 Google Rankings Still Matter In 2017?' is fairly obvious. Yes of course they matter, but the real question is how important are page 1 Google rankings? We'll explore these questions a little later on...

Benefits Of Page 1 Google Rankings

1) Visibility - Being featured on page 1 of the Google search results immediately puts your business in front of new potential customers. For example, let's say you're a shop owner and you can either open a new branch on a busy main road, or you can open the shop on a quiet side street. Which option would you choose? A wise person would pick the main road because this location ensures more people can see and interact with your business. The same principle applies when considering page 1 Google listings.

2) Increased Traffic To Your Website & Increased Engagement Rates - Around ten different searches will appear on page 1 of Google. On average 91% of users never even go to the second page. This statistic highlights the fact that a page 1 Google ranking will significantly increase the rate of traffic to your website.

3) Naturally Increases Your Industry Expertise - This point sounds unusual, but let me explain. In order to be featured on page 1 of the Google listings you must create high quality content that your customers are genuinely interested in. Your content must serve a purpose (for example, align with a keyword the person is searching for) or satisfy a customer's pain point. Producing content that fits this type of criteria naturally encourages your business to keep up with ongoing trends in your industry.

4) Earns Trust - Google is a widely-used, trusted search engine that people use every day. It therefore follows that a high Google ranking illustrates Google's approval of your business. It's a common fact that people will only invest their time or buy products from sources they trust, therefore having Google's approval is a huge helping hand to securing strong relationships with your target audience. This type of trust boosts the likelihood of securing new business sales.

Disadvantages Of Being On Page 1 Of Google

1) Time & Effort - Alike all marketing strategies, being featured on page 1 of Google requires dedication. Many people make the mistake of thinking this is something that happens overnight which simply isn't the case. Google uses various complex, intelligence systems to assess the data you upload to the internet. This means your online presence must be consistent; everything from your content marketing, your website copy and design, the site loading speed, your social posts, your pay-per-click ads and your SEO strategy must be synced.

2) Too Much Traffic - Page 1 Google listing are a guaranteed way to boost the number visitors to your website, although what happens if your business cannot handle such a large number of enquires? In order to be successful you must ensure you can handle the demand for your services. Failing to do so will tarnish your brand and your reputation.

Can A Business Survive If They Aren't On Page 1 Of Google?

Technically speaking of course it's possible to run a business without being featured on page 1 of Google, however in order to do this you'd need to heavily rely on other forms of marketing such as social media posts, emails, telesales, letters, events, word of mouth or referrals.

Google's popularity and the use of the internet is growing with each passing day, for this reason we highly recommend looking into boosting your Google ranking otherwise your company will lose out on multiple profitable opportunities!

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Tailoring Your Marketing To Suit You

Different business models will require different approaches to their marketing. To say that 'one size fits all' is completely inaccurate. If you are interested in improving your Google ranking please contact a professional such as the JDR Group. Our team of experts can perform a free detailed assessment of your strategy and help you pinpoint areas for improvement.

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