Why Marketing Should Be Discussed In Your Sales Meetings!

Why Marketing Should Be Discussed In Your Sales Meetings!

Your business probably has sales meetings. (Right now being done via Zoom no doubt) Most companies do, as it's seen as a very important part of helping your business grow, as well as the top way to increase your revenue. But, do you ever have marketing meetings?

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Marketing & Sales Go Hand In Hand

For you to maximise your sales, you need the best possible marketing strategy. Equally, even superb marketing won't help you if you don't sell. What this means is that to run a tight ship with everything firing on all cylinders, you need both sales and marketing to be functioning at the top of their game. If you neglect marketing to concentrate only on sales, you'll actually end up suffering, as your sales figures will be taking a hit. Always keep in mind that sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin.

Why Include Marketing In The Conversation?

Think about your buyer persona. You attract them with well chosen, well targeted marketing content. A lot of the people who are potential customers have very little interest in being "sold to". Indeed, they may be turned off by marketing that comes across as overly aggressive and high-pressure. These people are already interested in the industry you operate in, but they want to do their own research. They also want to be allowed to reach conclusions themselves, rather than have them "spoon-fed" by hard-sell techniques.

You're Missing Out If You Only Think About Sales

Of course it's very important to be able to convert leads into customers, and there's nothing wrong with working as hard and smart as you can to increase sales to those people. But if your sales meeting agenda only looks at people at that stage of the buying journey, you'll be missing out on a huge number of potential sales – and so failing to give your business the opportunity to profit from those who are at the top of the funnel. You want to aim to capture interest from people at all stages, otherwise you'll find it almost impossible to reach the ambitious sales targets you've undoubtedly set.

Consider Feast & Famine

Your business may have been doing incredibly well up to now, with customers flocking to you and sales figures going through the roof. It's all too easy to imagine when activity is that high that things will always be that busy. And when that happens, it's also tempting to dispense with any sort of marketing. Unfortunately, as we have all recently seen, unexpected events can and do happen. Most companies don't get to see a ‘feast’ level of income all the time. Think about what might happen if your business goes into a ‘famine’ period, perhaps when demand for one of your key products drops away, or your supply chain is fatally compromised. It's vitally important to have a marketing strategy ready to match that challenge.

Keep Your Business Strong & Healthy

If you want your business to be generating the best possible sales, and therefore the maximum profits for your company, there's no substitute for talking about marketing, and how it can support your sales function. Make sure you include these tactics in the conversation at sales meetings. To keep your business strong and healthy in these turbulent times, it pays to have an experienced and practical team on your side. We can help. To discuss your goals and find out more, please call JDR today on 01332 343281.

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