6 Effective But Simple SEO Tips That You Can Implement Today To Help Increase Rankings


We live in a world where everyone wants quick results, and if they don’t see them quick enough they are soon to move onto the next craze. SEO is no different. Businesses want good rankings, quick, but are soon forgetting the other metrics they can review and analyse. SEO takes time and if done correctly you will see long term results. In this article I will be discussing some quick and simple tips to help increase rankings. These tips by no means will guarantee top spots in Google, but they will ensure you are positioned well against your fellow competitors.

Let’s get started…

Install & Analyse Google Analytics

The first tip is to ensure that you have Google Analytics installed on your website. The information and data that can be gathered from this will be priceless. If you are able to analyse the data gathered from Analytics you can then see where you need to make updates on your website. You are able to see which pages are keeping users interested and which pages users are dropping off of quickly. It’s all about user experience. The better experience you can offer to the user, the more effective your website will be. If you have never been on Google Analytics before, here is a very useful article - Google Analytics Guide For Dummies – 7 Things You Need To Master The Basics.

Be Active On Social Media

Now you may be thinking ‘how can Social Media possibly improve rankings’ but you would be surprised with the power Social Media holds. If you’re active on Social Media for your business and are posting links back to your website, this builds another layer of trust. If Google and other Search Engines are able to see that you’re sending out regular Social Signals, they can start to build more of an overall profile for your business and website. The biggest trick is to remain active on Social Media, engage with followers and fans, and always offer unique, exclusive content.

Check Your Backlink Profile

It’s always worth checking your backlink profile on a regular basis to make sure all links look trust worthy. If you are ever checking your backlink profile, and find a link that does not look trust worthy then you need to take action straight away. If you are currently working alongside an SEO Company then you need to contact them and explain what you have found. The more diverse and trust worthy your backlink profile looks, the better impression you’re going to have with Google and other Search Engines. If you want to learn more about why it’s important to check your backlink profile, here is a great article - Why Is It Important To Regularly Check Your Backlink Profile?

Create/Update Your Blog

Having a blog on your website can be one of the biggest strategies to bring in more traffic to your website. The rewards to a great blog can be massive, as not only will it bring in more traffic but it will also bring in more customers for your business. The secret to a great blog is to post exceptional articles that help and educate your customers on regular problems they have. If you have a blog but are struggling with what to write, here is a great resource - What Do I Write in a Company Blog? 10 Great Small Business Blogging Tips.

Review URL Structures

This may be something that you have never really taken much notice of, but URL structures can have great benefits when trying to climb those extra places within the Search Engine Results. The more specific and relevant you can make the URL the better it will do. For example, let’s say you have a page which is about floor cleaning in London. If you had the URL www.yourdomain.com/london-floor-cleaning this would indicate straight away that your webpage was about floor cleaning in London. Along with relevant and informative content, this would be perfect for any Search Engine wanting to show your page in their results.

Review On-site SEO on Your Website

Reviewing your website’s on-site SEO and keeping it current will certainly help with rankings. The more specific and unique you can make each Title Tag and Meta Description, the better impact it will have on your rankings. If you’re trying to rank for a local area then including the area name within the content of your site will also help. You want to make sure that all on-site SEO is placed on the relevant pages, this is key when making on-site updates. If you’re wanting to learn more, this will help - How to Analyse Your Websites On Site Optimisation.


One thing to always bear in mind is that SEO is not a quick fix to get rankings and increase traffic on your website. It takes time to build trust and valuable links but once established you will reap the rewards for years to come! So whatever you do, don’t give up at the first hurdle. You need to be patient and continually analyse the data and statistics which you gather. If you have any questions about SEO or need some advice, feel free to comment below…

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