6 Easy To Implement Tactics To Help Increase Local Website Traffic This Summer


With only a couple of months left until we hit the summer, now is the perfect time to start planning what you're going to do to get even more local traffic to your website. You may already have some tactics that you’re going to try over the next couple of months, but if you’re struggling to come up with any, we can help! In this article we will be discussing 6 easy to implement tactics that you can use for your own business to help increase website traffic this summer!

Let’s get started…

1 – Be a Powerhouse In Social Media


Social Media platforms are still one of the most powerful tactics you can use to help increase website traffic and brand awareness, but you would be so surprised to know that businesses are still not using Social Media as a daily tool. Many businesses only use the different platforms when they have some news to share, or if they feel they haven't shared anything in a while. It’s vital that you post regularly to every Social Media platform you’re registered on and keep them all consistent, so that if anyone lands on one of your accounts they can still relate it to your business. Not only do you need to regularly post on your Social Media accounts but you also need to interact with your followers and fans. If one of your followers or fans comments on one of your posts then you need to respond back to them. This helps build another level of trust with your followers or fans and this will only ever improve the relationship between your business and its customers. If you’re finding Social Media difficult, here is an article which could help - 5 Tips To Making Social Media Marketing Easy!

2 – Research Into The 'Perfect' Keywords


You may already have a keyword strategy in place for your website, but why not review it for summer? It’s always good to sometimes have a pause to review what you’re doing, and now that summer is getting close why not do this with your keyword strategy? If you currently have a keyword strategy then you need to analyse how successful it is. You can start by assessing whether or not the current keywords you’re targeting are bringing in enough of the right traffic to your website. If you have software that you’re currently using (like Google analytics) then you should be able to download a report and see which keywords are bringing in the most traffic. If you find that you have a large number of keywords which only bring in a small amount of traffic then this is a great time to research into new potential keywords. There are many tools out there which can help with this task, but the main point you always want to remember is that you want to try and rank for keywords which are going to bring in the best kind of traffic, and the most of it. There is no good trying to rank for a keyword which gets 2,000 searches a month if you’re never going to be able to rank for it. Learn more about how to choose the perfect keywords with this great article - How To Choose the Right Keywords For SEO.

3 – Browse For More Local Directories


Being listing on local directories can certainly help increase local traffic to your website. You would be surprised at how many people search directory sites to try and find a business they can use. If you are listed on as many directory sites as you possibly can be, this will help the chances of people finding your business and your website. If you believe that you’re already listed on all the directories you can find, then you just need to do some extra searches to try and find even more sites to get listed on. A great tip is to search Google with ‘Location “add business”’. So for example, say you wanted to get listed on more directories here in Derby, all you would do is search ‘Derby “add business”'. This will show you results of all directory sites you can add your website to which are based in Derby. This will help you to find even more local directory sites which you can add your business to.


4 - Review & Amend Current 'On-site SEO'

Review__Amend_Current_On-site_SEO.pngIs your current on-site SEO set up to get the most out of your local area? If the answer to this is no then you need to review and amend your current on-site SEO. Good local on-site SEO can be one of the biggest factors to help attract more local traffic to your website. If you can manage to set your site up locally in terms of SEO then this will play a big part in how Google rank you for local searches. The more you can show Google that your website is optimised for local search, the more searches Google will show you for when a user performs a local search. It’s important that you include your local city in the Title Tags of all your pages, along with making sure the content on your website is tailored to the location you want more traffic to come from. If you want to find out how well your current local SEO campaign is going, here is a very useful article - How to Check if Your Local SEO Campaign is Performing Well.


5 - Have a 'Too Good To Miss' Offer

Have_a_Too_Good_To_Miss_Offer.jpgJust because it’s almost the summer doesn’t mean that the offers have to dry up. A brilliant way to bring in more traffic to your website is to have an offer on your website which is - Too good to miss! This can not only bring new people to your website, but it can entice your current customers to spend even more with you. Offers are a great way of showing new potential customers, and existing customers, that you’re willing to keep their business by offering an offer that can’t be missed. If you’re able to combine this point with Social Media you’re certainly onto a winner!  If you’re struggling with what you can do for a special offer, this can help - 20 Special Offer Ideas For Marketing Your Business.


6 - Create Killer Content


Creating useful and informative content can be a hidden goldmine when it comes to gaining more local traffic to your website. If you’re wondering how this can be done, all you need to do is start creating some great articles for your blog. The more informative articles you can get on your blog the better, and if you can tailor them to be local this can be even better! This will give your website even more chance to rank locally for different keywords and phrases. Articles are a great way of doing this. If you need some ideas on what you could write about, here is a brilliant article - What To Blog About: 11 Blog Post Ideas For Small Businesses.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you want more traffic for your website this summer, it’s always important that you stop and take stock of what it is you’re doing, and what impact your activity is having on the business and website. Never feel that you can’t try new tactics, sometimes they will work perfectly and other times they will fail, but the most important thing to always remember is that you should always try new tactics and never get left behind trying old outdated tactics. Test new things, but always remember to measure the outcome as well so that you know what is working and what is not. Then stop doing what is not working and do more of what is!

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