4 Advantages Of Using Inbound Marketing For Plumbers

4 Advantages Of Using Inbound Marketing For Plumbers.jpg

As a plumber, you have the great advantage that people will always need your services. Plumbing is a requirement in every house yet very few people know how to fix or install it. I personally don't know a single person that would comfortably set to work fixing their own broken plumbing system. Despite this, people will still Google the issue in hopes that it's an easy fix (it never is). This stubborn tenancy to Google issues in hopes of fixing them ourselves is what makes inbound marketing so effective for a plumbing business, and here's why...

1. Easy To Gather Leads

When someone Googles why their toilet won't flush properly, you can create a piece of content that tells them the answer to that question (or a variety of possible reasons). Due to the complexity and skill that plumbing requires, no one will be able to actually complete this fix, so you jump in with a CTA that lets them know that YOU are the solution to that problem. This process means that when they Google their issue, your website has appeared as a result (thanks to your content marketing), you have given them the answer to their question (creating a positive start to your relationship) and you've offered to be the solution (which they will likely consider due to the previous steps).

This all means that instead of being one of many possible solutions to someone's problem, you are the clear solution.

2. Retain Customers For Repeat Services

A wonderfully effective feature of inbound marketing is personalised content. Using automation you can learn which authors a lead enjoys, the format of content that engages them and where they spend their time digitally. As a business, you can use this information to send them the most effective content and ensure yourself a sale. But the process is automated so there's no reason to stop once you get the sale. Keep that automated content going out to your past customers and when they next have a need for a plumber you'll be firmly in their head as the best option.

3. Get Customers Coming To You

Much like point 1, when you create relevant, useful content, you will be encouraging people to come to you for a service instead of you seeking out the customers yourself. The content you produce needs to answer commonly Googled questions. By providing answers to these questions, people will see you and your business as an established resource of information and you will be able to show off your expertise, instilling the new lead with confidence in your services.

4. Make Use Of Social Media

As a plumbing business, you can make great use of social media. It allows you to talk with potential clients, you can answer questions and you can establish your brand in a way that shows the personality you want your business to put out. Doing all this will put you ahead of your competition by making you an approachable option for leads as you have established your relationship and are trusted.


To summarise, inbound marketing can help a plumbing business by putting you above your competition, both in terms of being the first option leads go to and being a trusted source of information. By taking advantage of this you can set your business up to dominate your local area.

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