Twitter ROI: 4 Ways To Boost Your Leads


The massive online community is something from which many businesses only see the forefront of, and it may seem as a reward-some opportunity. In reality the backstage to the entire process of gaining results from it, is a long and hard process that if not done properly, can change the whole expected outcome.

Why Measure Your ROI?

The 'Twitter-sphere' has a huge amount of people that are a part of it. The opportunities are endless when it comes to incorporating it into your marketing campaign. However, posting content onto a platform with a vast audience is pretty useless, as what you're posting probably has little to no relevance to the majority of people on there. This is why it is vital to develop a social media strategy in order to keep track of, and monitor what you want back from the effort you put into social media.

With the power of social media ROI your marketing efforts can be determined. ROI is Social proof. Below are some steps in which you can create your ROI measurement strategy.

Set Social Media Strategy Goals

Metrics such as ''likes'' and ''re-tweets'' may seem sufficient enough to determine your success, however within the bigger picture, they're not. Before you start on anything to do with ROI, it is essential that you create goals to work towards. You need to determine your goals so you know which factors you're measuring and what success looks like.

Use Tools To Track Campaigns

There are many analytic tools out there that can be used to measure the volume of tweets and those more beneficial to you. Below are a few of the common ones used, however the tool that you would use depends on what sorts of results you are looking for. For information on more tools click here:

Remember, when using social media, to be more specific a platform such as twitter, you can reach results such as % of engagement, lead growth and some other metrics that are useful to working out your ROI.

  • Hoot suite Analytic Reports:
  • Google Analytic
  • Custom URL parameters

Report Findings

You should keep checking your social media analytics regularly and frequently so that you are able to keep up with the growth in your leads. The life cycle of social media campaigns is often very short, so you need to stay on top of the data as it happens. Choose a time frame that works for you, and stick to it. You can often have reports sent to your email inbox on specific days of the week.

Review And Reset

Once you've identified what works and what doesn't work on social, it’s time to adjust your strategy. The point of tracking your social media ROI isn't just to prove your social campaigns are valuable, it's to increase their value over time. To meet your social media ROI goals, you’ll need to constantly update and adapt your strategy, taking into account the analytic data you’re tracking.


Posting content with the only weapon of hope and crossed fingers is not quite the way to go when trying to get the most out of platforms such as Twitter. Fortunately, there are many options available in the forms of tools that can help to track and measure your twitter ROI, and what's great about them is that they are not just generic results, rather they give much more of an in-depth insight, with statistics ranging from the growth rate of your followers to traffic generated through links and hash-tags - it's a whole new world of its own. Get started now, keep in mind both your current customers and new customers, and go do it.


Article by Yasirah Fatimah