How LinkedIn Video Ads Can Secure New Sales For Your Business

How LinkedIn Video Ads Can Secure New Sales For Your Business

Lead generation is a central part of business development. Without qualified leads, your sales team won't have the building blocks you need to make conversions and grow your company. LinkedIn Video Ads can play a big part in this – let's take a look at how.

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The Basics

Compared with other, less business-focused social media and networking platforms, LinkedIn has come pretty late to video marketing. In fact, it only emerged from beta in 2018. Even so, video has quickly proved its worth for business users there. When you make a video ad, it will show up as an integral part of a user's feed. They look like ordinary, stand-alone posts, except for the format. You can use them whether you're just setting out with a new product, building your brand identity or demonstrating your authority within your industry.

How Can You Use Video Ads

LinkedIn gives you two ways to use these sponsored videos. You might want to work with a specialist business growth partner such as JDR to help you decide which is best for your campaign. Your choices are:

  • Direct sponsored content – Here, you use the Campaign Manager provided by LinkedIn to make a completely new video. This is often the option to pick if you want to personalise your videos or target them at well-defined audiences.
  • Sponsoring existing content – With this option, you take a video you've already produced from your company page and promote it as a video ad. The advantage over native video is that you can get it seen by people beyond your existing networks.

How Can Video Ads Boost Your Business?

LinkedIn's research for the UK market shows that, in 2018, B2B business leaders rated video as their most lucrative content format. Respondents to the survey broadly agreed that video increased both the volume and the quality of leads. By using video ads, you can leverage the power of video to your advantage, to stand out from the crowd and bring qualified leads to your virtual door.

LinkedIn Is Different

There's a critical difference between video content on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. On Twitter or Facebook, you're likely to get a lot of chaff and a little wheat as a B2B business leader. LinkedIn, with its safer, professionally focused environment, gives you a clear advantage in terms of which eyeballs you'll reach. It also helps to guard against the possibility that your ad may appear right next to one bearing a message you don't want associated with your brand.

Discover The Value Of LinkedIn Video

Video can get someone engaged with your brand faster than any other kind of content, and advertising budgets are already reflecting this. Given the costs involved, it's important to pick your battles carefully, but get it right and your ROI from video ads could be tremendous. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you harness the power of LinkedIn video to secure you better leads and more customers.

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