4 LinkedIn Lead Generation Tactics That Will Work For Your Business

4 LinkedIn Lead Generation Tactics That Will Work For Your Business.jpg
Of all the major Social Media platforms, LinkedIn is the best for generating B2B leads Worldwide, LinkedIn accounts for 80% of the total number of B2B leads generated through Social Media, miles ahead of second placed Twitter (13%) and Facebook (7%) Whether you are a seasoned LinkedIn user or have just got started on the platform, adopting the following easy lead generation tactics will soon see new leads coming into your business.

1) Use LinkedIn Demographic Targeting To Match Your Buyer Personas

If you’ve researched buyer personas relevant to your business then you should already have an idea of what sort of content will appeal to them. Your first step is to create a series of personalised content to match each buyer persona. This can include blog articles, e-books, webinars, landing pages and surveys. You can then use the LinkedIn demographic targeting tool to target adverts at users who fit each of your buyer personas. You can target adverts on LinkedIn by location, industry, job title, company size, experience, age, gender, qualifications and interests. Some businesses find this far more effective than Google AdWords, as it allows you to target a more specific audience – and it is often a lot cheaper too. (If you haven’t established any buyer personas yet, speak to our marketing team and we can help you identify the key decision makers you should be reaching out to.)

2) Optimise Your Personal Profile For Lead Generation

Most users focus on their company pages for Linkedin lead generation, but personal profiles can equally be a source of valuable B2B leads. The background element of your personal profile has a Projects section that you can use to advertise upcoming events. For lead generation you can use this to promote interactive webinars or Twitter Q&A sessions, giving a link to register interest. People who register for the webinar can then be enrolled onto your lead nurturing programme. There are numerous parts of your profile where you can demonstrate results and advertise the success of your products and services. Use these to your full advantage as a representative of your business for generating new leads. Learn more great tips to boost lead generation with this article - 10 LinkedIn Tips To Improve Your Business Lead Generation.

3) Create a LinkedIn Group

Participating in LinkedIn groups is a great way to network with valuable suppliers, potential employees and new customers. Creating your own group is an even more powerful way to generate leads. The very act of establishing a group makes you stand out as an authority in your industry. Using your knowledge of buyer personas, you can research relevant users on LinkedIn and then set up a group based on their specific interests. You can then open a dialogue with these prospects by inviting them to join the group.

Make your group really targeted to address the needs of your buyer persona. From the outset, you should publish valuable content to the group without letting it turn into a promotional mouthpiece for your business. Groups allow you to set up a dialogue with decision-makers who may not otherwise have heard of your company, opening the door to valuable business relationships.

4) Use LinkedIn Connection Revealer

Apart from LinkedIn’s native lead generation features, there are also a growing number of handy plug-ins to complement your efforts. One we have recently discovered is LinkedIn Connection Revealer. This shines a spotlight on industry leaders on LinkedIn, allowing you to follow networks and identify leads to cultivate. The plug-in does this by revealing the precise number of connections a person has. This is helpful, because once a user exceeds 500 connections, they solely display as “500+ Connections”, whether they are connected to 502 or 100,000 other users. Click here to download the free plug-in.

Generate More Leads For Your Business!

LinkedIn is one of many powerful lead generation tools that you can use to get customers coming to your business. Our business development experts have put together 30 Lead Generation Tips as a free resource to help you take your lead gen strategy to the next level. Click here to download your copy. To chat with one of our team about lead generation tactics, simply pick up the phone and we’ll be happy to explain / discuss what would work best for your business.