Why You Should Incorporate LinkedIn Native Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Incorporating LinkedIn Native Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn's new native video feature is a powerful tool for boosting your marketing ROI. Here's how you can make it work for your business to bring in new leads and sales.

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Why Use Video?

Of all the formats available, video has an outstanding ability to connect. It harnesses human beings' naturally visual brains and provokes emotional responses. If you want your latest product to get prospective customers excited, video is the content type to choose. It also lends itself very well to sharing, which on LinkedIn is likely to mean it going straight to the eyeballs of more professionals in your industry.

Why Use LinkedIn Native Video?

You already know how important LinkedIn can be in connecting with prospects. It's the only social network that has both the numbers to reach widely and the focus to be targeted directly at professional users. A high proportion of LinkedIn users occupy high positions, from CEO to manager, and LinkedIn has a reputation as being a source of high-quality content. The key to using LinkedIn's native video feature effectively is to create content that people want to share with their connections.

What Should You Know Before Launching A Video?

Before you set off to make a LinkedIn video, consider your answers to these five points:

  • Goals – Do you want to target more conversions, higher qualified lead generation or initial brand awareness?
  • KPIs – Gather data on the effectiveness of videos against your key performance indicators, those you selected when deciding your goals.
  • Targeting – Think about the decision-makers you most want to reach with your video. LinkedIn native videos can't be more than 10 minutes long, so stay concise.
  • Realism – Be honest with yourself about how much your video campaign can achieve. Don't consider it in isolation, but as an integral part of your overall strategy.
  • PlanningEfficient use of resources is crucial, so ensure that your team has a definite budget and timeline, and that you provide what's necessary to achieve it.

What Kinds Of Video Should You Publish?

It's important to think carefully here. The fun, light videos that work well on Instagram could backfire badly on a professional network like LinkedIn. Content that includes harder, more useable information and news is likely to be a fruitful approach. News videos that demonstrate that your company is a leader in its industry often work well. You could also publish industry insight videos, talking about your sector in a way that shows you to have a comprehensive understanding of your industry.

Thinking Outside The Box

LinkedIn video can be used for more than just "talking heads" clips. A great way to increase engagement is to produce webinars. Sharing your expertise like this can boost your reputation and your authority in your field. Tying these in with industry events can make them even more effective.

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LinkedIn is by far the largest professional social network for business owners, and that isn't likely to change any time soon. Fully engaging with LinkedIn is, therefore, a vital part of any online marketing strategy. The native video feature is powerful, easy to use and effective. What's not to like?

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