How Can I See What Links My SEO Company Is Building?


Do you ever feel that your SEO Company are not building enough links or you just want to be able to see them? Do you think that the links they are building are not strong links? Many people believe that there is not a way of viewing backlinks created by their SEO Company but in fact there are many ways you can view them. There are also a lot of factors that you need to take into account when viewing your websites backlinks.

Backlinks can be built to your website in order to give your website a boost on different search engines. One website can have hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands of backlinks going to it. SEO Companies can build backlinks and you may want to monitor what links they are building and how often they are building them.

Ways to find Backlinks

There are many tools online available so that you can view your websites backlinks. Some of these tools require you to sign up and some require a fee, but once you are all signed up you are then able to view the backlinks which have been made and picked up by the Backlink tool. An example of a software programme which you are able to use is Majestic SEO. This programme allows you to view historic and fresh backlinks that are pointing to your website. This is great as you are able to see what links are old and were made a while ago, and then you are able to see fresh links which have been made recently to your website. You are able to do searches without an account but it does limit the information you can see. To be able to see all the features of Majestic SEO you do need to select a paid for plan and depending on what plan you select will depend on what features you will get.

There are however many other online sites which let you see a selection of your websites backlinks. To get the best idea and most comprehensive list of your websites backlinks you need to get information from a wide range of websites. Once you find a range of backlinks add it to a document and then go out and try and find more. Once you find more you need to keep adding to the document. You will soon have a pretty good list of backlinks and then you can sort the data so you can remove the duplicated links you have found. You then can start to have a look through the document and see what kind of backlinks your SEO Company have been building.

Things to take into account

There are some important factors that you need to take into account when viewing your websites backlinks. One of the biggest factors you need to take into account is that it is not always just your SEO Company building links to your website. Some businesses are playing dirty and are in fact building terrible backlinks to their competitor’s website. This means that it would be your website that would face the wrath of Google and other Search Engines. Your website would start to drop down search results, and in some cases your website can seem to drop off completely. This is a classic case of negative SEO and would mean that when you are viewing your backlinks there might be some strange links appearing. This is rare, but you need to look at the backlinks with an open mind. If you just go in and view your backlinks and see one bad backlink and blame your SEO Company this could hugely affect the relationship between your business and your SEO Company.

Another factor to take into account is that different links can take different time scales to get indexed by the different search engines. For example your SEO Company could have built a link a while ago and it has only just been indexed. This means that when viewing your backlinks there will be old and new backlinks getting indexed and getting added to your backlink profile.

Another factor is that not all links are built directly to the main site. This means that links can be made to other links. This is a whole subject on its own!


When viewing backlinks that your SEO Company have built it is very important that you go in with an open mind. If you go in with an open mind to collate the data you will not make assumptions.  It is always good to discuss your findings openly with your SEO company.

The biggest factor to take into account from this article is that it is not always just your SEO Company building links. It is very rare that competitors build terrible backlinks to other competitor’s websites but is it something that you need to know and take into account when viewing backlinks.

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Article by: Adam Jones