Case Study: 4-Man Engineering Company Go From 2 to 74 Enquiries A Month

4 man engineering company traffic growth - JDR Group

This client is a small engineering firm - a company of just 4 people based in East Anglia. When we first met they had recently updated their website, which looked good - but there was no real marketing plan behind it. Over a 4-5 year period we have helped build their website into a major marketing asset and a consistent source of new business. Here's the story...

At The Start - 2 Enquiries Per Month

Our first step was to complete a full analysis of their marketing and their current website and once we did this, we wrote up a full marketing report detailing all the issues we found:

  • Low level of website traffic - just 246 visits per month (this was their 12-month average)
  • Just 2 enquiries per month coming from those 246 visits
  • Website was well-designed, but there was no active marketing beyond posting on Facebook
  • There was no tracking or measurement of the website performance beyond Google Analytics
  • The business had no CRM system or active email database

The Marketing Plan

Following on from this report, we put together a customised marketing programme for them. We agreed to work with the existing website, leaving the site with the current hosting company, and we would implement an inbound marketing programme including:

  • Marketing Strategy - we created an SEO strategy, identified key services and target personas, and developed the marketing strategy 
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Google Ads management (setting up and running Google pay-per-click advertising
  • Content marketing - regular blog articles written, published and promoted across social media
  • Lead generation - we applied several conversion rate optimisation strategies to the website, and also created a number of PDF guides to use as part of online lead generation
  • HubSpot CRM (customer relationship management) implementation


How Content Marketing Helped Achieve Page One Results For 157 Keywords

Part of our service is ongoing content marketing - blog articles and news stories written for you by our team. Over time, this is a reliable way to grow your website traffic and generate inbound leads - and with this client, it has helped them go from not being found at all in Google to a massive 157 keywords on page one.

This 4-man business is now on page one for some highly competitive, nationwide keyword search terms - ranking ahead of many, many larger and better funded businesses.

Watch the video below to learn how content marketing can help your business to get this type of result:

key to attracting leads

The Results - 74 Enquiries per Month!

As of 2021, the progress is as follows:

  • 157 keywords on the first page of Google, including many national phrases
  • 7274 visits per month and 74 enquiries per month - incredible growth given the starting point. Compare this with the average results of businesses that don't work with us
  • The company has been so busy that they've had to turn off Google Ads at times
  • They have been able to pick and choose which jobs they want to quote for, and which ones to take
  • They have moved into a new premises

Here's a summary of the key marketing stats:

  2016 2021 % Change
# Website visitors per month (12-month average) 246 7,274 🔼 2,857%
# Leads/Enquiries per month (12-month average) 2 74 🔼 3,600%
Website Score (/100) 59 83 🔼 40.7%
Domain Authority (/100) 9 22 🔼 144%
# Links 2 3,623 🔼 181,050%
# Keywords on Page 1 0 157 🔼

Here's what these results look like in graph form:

Website Traffic Growth

4 man engineering company traffic growth - JDR Group

Growth In Enquiries/Leads

4 man engineering company enquiries growing - JDR group

Organic Traffic Growth (SEO Progress)

4 man engineering company orgaic traffic growth - JDR group

SEO Progress (Search Engine Visibility)

4 man engineering company SEO progress

Additional Benefits 

Apart from directly attributable sales, there are also softer benefits to good ongoing marketing. For this client, they include:

  • Regular email marketing - a substantial email database has now been built up and made it possible
  • Increased brand awareness - the increased activity on social media and on the website has improved name recognition within the local area
  • Sales CRM system - they now have a system for tracking quotes and follow ups, and a way of logging customer communication
  • Knowing what works - the source of every lead, enquiry and sale is now tracked automatically so we can see which marketing channels are working

Learn more about the other forms of marketing ROI in this article.

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