6 Things I love About Boohoo's Online Marketing


boohoo.com are an online fashion retailer, they rely solely on their online stores. Because of this their marketing, especially their online marketing, needs to be on point! Here are 6 things I love about their online marketing.

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1. They have an impressive LinkedIn Account

Their Linkedin account has a great profile and despite the fact you wouldn't think that LinkedIn would be their most successful social media account. (As most fashion retailers with this type of target market tend to put more focus on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram). They are doing a great job! They regularly post videos and images which makes them stand out from the other companies on LinkedIn, who tend to post quite corporate posts. This is probably the reason they have over 108,768 followers on their LinkedIn page. They always include updates regarding their latest news and latest recruits, which I personally love as it gives you an insight into their company.


2. They update their website regularly

Every time I visit their website their banner headline offers have changed. Which shows they are constantly updating their website with new things to entice their online visitors to buy. Sometimes I visit the site and they are offering FREE Next Day delivery, other times it might be an extra 10% off their sale products. Whatever the offer may be, they always manage to tempt me into at least having a look at the stock they have available. I'm sure this works in exactly the same way with their other visitors, which will keep their bounce rates for their website down for sure! You should do the same for your business, wherever possible change your call to actions and special offers. Test and measure and see which offers work best, then come up with different variations of them to alternate on your website.

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3. They have a USP

Unlike many other online retailers, boohoo have a USP. Rather than just showing you images of their products, they play you a video of a model actually wearing the item so you can get a good idea of what the item looks like when worn. They are aware of the fact we are not all blessed with the same figures and measurements as the models wearing the clothes, and because of this they, very tactfully, provide their model's measurements so that you can figure out the differences between your size and theirs and get a good idea of how the item may look on you before purchasing. I'm a bit of a shorty! I'm only 5ft 1 so when I watch one of their videos of a product I am interested in buying, I always check the height of the model so I can figure out the height difference between the model and myself and work out whether the item would be too long for me. A feature I find very useful as i'm sure many others do too! If you own a business you need to ensure it stands out from the crowd by giving it a USP, if you have a good USP you will always be ahead of your competitors.

4. They do a great job on email marketing

I'm not going to lie, I have made quite a few purchases from boohoo.com. Because of this they have my email address and let me tell you - They have made very good use of this! I regularly receive emails from them advising me of their latest products and offers. They even personalise the emails so they are relevant to me and my past purchases. Below are a few examples of the headlines from emails I have received.

Ready to work out Kerry?

Three stripes and you're out Kerry

Kerry up to 70% off Sunday essentials

Hi Kerry can we help?

As you can see they use my name wherever possible to ensure their emails are personal, which will make me much more likely to open them. In the first three emails they have picked out subjects that match the items I have viewed or purchased in the past. The last email is another stroke of genius, hi Kerry can we help? Refers to the fact that I had items in my basket that I had chosen not to purchase. Rather than just ignoring this and treating it as a lost sale they have contacted me to to find out why I have chosen not to purchase the items that were in my basket, and to see if there's anything they can help with. This is brilliant!.............. Here's why!

It gives them a chance to find out if one of their customers has an issue with one of their products and has been put off from making the final purchase for any particular reason.

It gives them the chance to resolve any issues I may have had which prevented me from purchasing from them.

It reminds me that I have un-purchased items in my basket that I may still want to buy, but have forgotten about.

The three above points drastically increase boohoo’s chances of getting a sale from me. If you would like to find out more about how email marketing can benefit your business, and the best way to set up email marketing visit the following page: Why Use Email Marketing?


5. They have a great remarketing strategy

Whenever I visit the site and look at a particular item if I fail to purchase that item, boohoo will make sure they remarket that item to me via social media sites and various other sites I visit online. This is to ensure their brand and their items are not forgotten. If you are interested in remarketing for your business but have no idea where to start, the following article will give you the help and guidance you need: Dynamic Remarketing - The New Way To Engage Customers After They Leave Your Site

6. They have an original blog with interesting content

boohoo invest time in ensuring they have a great blog that will be of interest to their target market. They team great content with fantastic images. Not only this but they manage to include posts that promote their own products without the posts being over promotional. Their blog has a great mix of content which is all aimed at their target customer. Something all businesses should do their best to do. If your business has a blog but it’s failing to hit the mark, causing you to loose inspiration check out the following article it may help provide you with the inspiration you need: What To Blog About -11 Blog Post Ideas For Small Business Owners

To summarise their is a lot that businesses can learn from boohoo’s online marketing tactics. The marketing methods they employ can be actioned by businesses of all sizes no matter how small or large your budget is.

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