Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation – Sales Navigator vs. LinkedIn Professional

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation – Sales Navigator vs. LinkedIn Professional

As the world's largest professional social network, LinkedIn membership can bring profound benefits to any business development strategy. The platform offers different levels of paid membership, which offer varying advantages and provide different business functions.

Here's a quick summary.

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What Membership Schemes Are Available?

There are five, but two (Premium Career and Recruiter Lite) aren't likely to be of use to that many SME owners.

Your options are:

  • Free – as its name suggests, this basic service costs nothing.
  • Premium Career – £22.99 per month; mostly for individuals looking to be hired – and not intended for corporate members.
  • Premium Business – £45.99 per month; lifts several limits of the Free tier and adds more features.
  • Sales Navigator Professional – £60.99/month; adds features targeting lead generation.
  • Recruiter Lite – £91.99/month; aimed at specialist recruitment companies.

More On Sales Navigator

If you plump for this tier of LinkedIn membership, you'll be getting quite a bit for your money. For example, you'll have access to your Social Selling Indicator (SSI) Score, which gives you an at-a-glance number for your company's performance in branding, finding people, engagement, and relationship-building.

You'll have access to LinkedIn Learning, with thousands of personalised resources and courses to explore. You can also find accounts you'd be likely to profit from following, and get suggestions for leads to follow.

How Do The Various Solutions Compare?

That depends on what you need to do. For people with basic needs, the Free membership might be enough. For most, though, it's going to be a choice between Premium Business and Sales Navigator.

Both of these will save you effort, increase lead generation efficiency, and make it easier to find and connect with the most valuable contacts.

Premium Business is generally for those who want to nurture and grow their network, while Sales Navigator has more features for lead generation.

Is Sales Navigator The Best Option For Lead Generation?

The short answer is yes. You'll get everything Premium Business offers, plus features such as dozens of extra filters in Advanced Search. More excitingly, you'll also get access to recommended leads. These are chosen for you based on leads you've saved recently as well as your saved preferences. You can also add tags and notes to profiles, as well as being notified when any of your leads undergoes a job change.

Get Started Today

LinkedIn's membership options provide flexibility and varied access for a wide range of user strategies. But for lead generation, the choice is clear: Sales Navigator is the way to go.

Although it's more expensive than Premium Business, the extra features are worth it – and then some.

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