How To Use QR Codes For A B2B Business


We've all seen QR codes – those little scannable barcodes that link to an offer, promotion or website. You may never have considered harnessing the power of QR code for your B2B business, but if you're wondering how to use QR codes, wonder no longer. We've got a handy guide that will help you use QR codes to your advantage. Along with this one, here is another useful article to find out how QR codes can work for you - What Are QR Codes And How Can You Benefit From Them As A B2B Business?

Use them as a 'Call-To-Action'

You want visitors to your site – or those who view your print advertisements – to convert, so why not use QR codes as a call-to-action? Link them to a 'call us' message so that people can scan the code and instantly get in touch – no messing around. Or link your QR codes to instructional videos, promotional trailers or other media that's relevant to your potential customers. Launch promotional deals, sales or special offers that activate when a customer scans the QR code – simple!

Use them to create a buzz on social media

How? Well, QR codes don't have to be boring little black and white boxes, you know. Personalised QR codes are becoming increasingly popular, and add a unique look to your advertising. Use this to your advantage and create a buzz on social media that will raise brand awareness. Don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to the colour and design of your QR codes.

Use them in print advertising

With so many of us focused on digital media, it's easy to forget that print advertising such as flyers and billboards, are just as effective at marketing your business. What you want to do is link your offline media to your online media – but how? QR codes. Tie your print media to your website and people can scan a QR code to arrive on your landing page. No more hunting for a pen to write down a phone number or web address, and no more time wasted searching for your business on Google. Make life easier for your potential customers.

Include them on your business cards

Why not go one step further and add QR codes to your business cards? As a B2B business, we bet a lot of your sales come from networking and word-of-mouth. Which means linking your business card to your website could generate sales. Business cards can often look cluttered when you try to include too much information on them – a QR code simplifies this and makes it easier for potential customers to reach your site.

Use them on products and packaging

If its products rather than services that you are selling to other businesses, why not harness the power of QR codes to include customer support links? There's nothing more frustrating than finding that the office photocopier isn't working – again. Including a scannable QR code that takes customers directly to downloadable manuals or instructions is a great idea – even better, scan the QR code to call the customer helpline directly. For more ideas look here - How To Use QR Codes In Your Marketing.

Use them on vehicle fleets

If you have a fleet of vehicles, you might want to consider using QR codes in your vehicle signage. This means that other people can scan the QR code when they see your vehicles – you could link the codes to directions to your office, your mobile website or product sales pages.

Use them at conferences

If you've been asked to speak at a conference, chances are that much of what you say won't stick with those attending – even those who are listening intently. It's all too easy to forget information we've heard, but including a QR code on a one-page handout means that attendees can easily pull up your information when they're travelling home, or once they get back to the office.

Go big

If you're looking to make a statement, you could even install a giant QR code on the top of your flat-roofed building. These QR codes can be viewed from the air, on Google Earth – even from space!

There are countless ways to use QR codes for your B2B business – you don't have to stop there. Coming up with new and inventive ways to use these handy little codes will transform your business and could mean 2016 is your most successful year yet. If you want to learn even more advantages here is a great article - 7 Advantages Of QR Codes For A B2B Company.

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