Eyes On The Ball – How HubSpot Improves Coordination And Team Collaboration


When watching a football match, it can be difficult, even as a detached observer with the benefit of drones and TV cameras, to take in everything that is happening on the pitch. Things move very quickly in football, and even the actions of individual players can be difficult to track. Players on the field are able to do so, however, by going into what is known as a flow state.


Flow states and heightened performance

In a flow state, your body is able to make informed decisions faster than the speed of conscious thought. Your brain subconsciously processes multiple streams of data and immediately instigates the appropriate action, co-ordinating your various physical and mental responses, while your conscious self remains calm and poised. It’s a fast track to heightened performance and better decisions.

Entering a flow state is what allows professional sportspeople to do what they do, and you may also have experienced it if you play a musical instrument, dance, or practice a martial art. You also need a version of this in order to catch a ball. If you think too much about catching the ball, you’ll fumble and drop it – a tangle of uncoordinated limbs. If you stop thinking about catching it and simply grab the ball out of the air, then presto.

In business, a flow state is extremely difficult to achieve because there are simply too many variables at play, and many of these, as a business owner, are outside of your direct control. Merely gaining full situational awareness and visibility is difficult enough, and it's why so many people find managing a business so stressful: a constant game of ‘spinning plates’.

HubSpot can help you achieve that flow state.

When you’re in a flow state as a leader and as a team, you’ll get more done with your time, while also increasing accountability, coordination, and collaboration across your marketing strategy. In any successful sports team, players need 360° visibility of their game plan and a solid understanding of their roles, alongside a system to track performance and accountability. HubSpot gives SMEs a comprehensive suite of tools to ensure that every marketing effort is transparent, measurable, collaborative, and agile – and creates connections between these varying functions to improve responses at every level.

Streamlining collaboration and communication

Effective communication and collaboration between stakeholders is essential for both sports teams and SME business teams. HubSpot’s various hubs work seamlessly together to improve task management, workflows, and processes across your business, essentially creating a flow state on your behalf that avoids miscommunication and enhances productivity, driving your business towards more cohesive and consistent results from marketing.

The five HubSpot hubs are:

  1. Marketing Hub – attracts, engages, and converts customers
  2. Sales Hub – enhances your sales processes and improves conversion rates
  3. Content Hub – creates, manages, and optimises your website and landing pages
  4. Operations Hub – streamlines, coordinates, and automates your business operations
  5. Service Hub a customer service hub, everything you need to put your customers first

Specialist tools, aligned to a common goal

The beauty of HubSpot is that each of these hubs can be used independently, each carrying out a specialist function for your business – like a football player within a team. Also like a team, however, each hub integrates seamlessly together within the platform, working as a cohesive whole that helps you align your marketing, sales, customer service, and operational strategies towards the goal of driving growth.

HubSpot is unlike any other software platform in this regard. Other platforms might help you improve XY or Z function, and they may also integrate with other third-party platforms that carry out a different function, but none do everything, quite as well, in one place, as HubSpot does.

HubSpot equips you to plan strategically and objectively in advance, and make moment to moment decisions based on real-time insights into your customer relationships and present state.

Next steps

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