Google’s Game Changing PPC Updates


You may be aware that Google have recently updated their Search Results for paid ads in a huge way. They completely cast aside the right hand side ads. Most of us Pay Per Click advertiser’s, and many business owners, have been used to appearing on the right hand side of Google.


This was a game changer! Advertisers all over the world have had to adjust to the change and make amendments to their campaigns as necessary. Oh and did I mention there was no big announcement of this change by Google either! If you missed the article we posted on this update, you can read it here: Google Ditch Right Hand Side Ads! Are You Prepared For The Aftermath.

In a recent turn of events, and following closely to this update, Google are starting to try out a new text ad format. The new format they are testing features an expanded headline in the ad that is said to be 80 characters long. This is more than double the 35 character limit at the minute! Okay, so now you may be thinking, well what are they casting aside now? Will my description lines be cut short? The answer is no. Apparently, the character limits for the description lines will be staying as they are in this new test.

Google are obviously looking for a way to expand the content on the Search Results page and fill some of the void left from the now, non existent, right hand side ads. Many good advertisers will often extend their headline in ads without this anyway. This can be done by adding a punctuation mark to the end of the first description line. This used to only work when your ad was shown in the top spots. But, it looks like Google is now looking to change the format of ads across the board. If the testing is successful, the extended headline will be a standard feature in ad copy.

How Are The Display URLs Changing?

As part of the expanded ad test, Google are also testing some display URL formatting changes. AdWords users will soon be able to add two different directories to the domain name. i.e. instead of a display URL just saying “/Plumbers” it could now say “/Plumbers/Baths” as an example.

As well as this, if the tests are successful and are implemented, the AdWords interface is going to change slightly. According to numerous reports, there will be new fields for the different Display URL paths, a second headline field and a single field for description text.

What Does This Mean For You As An Advertiser Or Business Owner?

Well, first of all, if they do actually implement this new feature after the tests, you as an advertiser will have more options at your disposal. You will be able to craft better headlines for those top ad positions and you'll also be able to get more information in your ads. This may result in higher click through rates and better, more qualified clicks. However, your competitors are also going to have these new features at their disposal. So, you'll still need to try and stand out from them and produce even better ads! If you're not currently using Google AdWords but are considering it, read this blog article: Ever Ask Yourself What Is Pay Per Click Advertising Find Out If It Can Save Your B2B Business Today.

A Few Tips For Writing Good Ad Headlines

Moving on from the update now I would like to end this article with some top tips for writing good ad headlines. If you implement some of these tips I mention below, you will be well on your way to better click through rates, more clicks and ultimately, more conversions.

1) Include The Keyword In The Headline

Although this might be a familiar tip and even one that Google recommends, including your keyword in the ad headline can really help. It can boost your quality score due to a better ad relevance. And, it will make the ad even more relevant to the user, making it stand out more.

2) Strike Core Emotion

If you can strike your customers core emotion in the headline of your ad then do so! Anything that resonates with them on a personal level is going to get you even more clicks! With this, it is important to do your buyer persona research first and fully understand their challenges, the things they love and the things they don't like or struggle with. You can read more about buyer personas here: Why Defining Your Buyer Persona Is Fundamental To Your Inbound Marketing Campaign.

3) Ask A Question

Asking a question in the headline of an ad is really something I don't see people doing enough. The better advertisers will always focus their adverts more on their customer rather than on the business itself. If you can ask a question in your headline and still make it relevant, it will get you better responses and more clicks.

For more information and for more tips on Pay Per Click advertising, read our blog articles here:


If this new ad headline update testing is successful and is implemented by Google you need to make sure you take advantage of it. Use some of the tips and advice mentioned in this article and you'll be well on your way!

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