Seven Ways Google Sponsored Ads Will Benefit Your Business


We’ve all seen Google sponsored ads – those coloured ads that appear at the top of your search results. Pay-per-click advertising, or Google AdWords, in this case, is an effective form of digital marketing for B2B businesses. Google sponsored ads can help your business in a number of ways, increasing traffic and driving more leads to your website. Here are seven ways Google ads benefit B2B businesses.

#1. Strike While the Iron is Hot

When browsing the web, users are not always receptive to advertising – think of how annoying pop-up adverts are, for example. But pay-per-click advertising such as Google AdWords is targeted advertising that’s relevant to the user. So your advert will only appear to buyers at the time they are looking to make a purchasing decision – which means you’re more likely to generate leads and drive traffic to your site, and therefore increasingly likely to close the deal.

#2. They Target a Wider Audience

There’s no doubt about it – B2B purchases take longer to complete than B2C sales, but targeting a wider audience means you’ll improve conversion rates and close more deals. When you consider that 93% of B2B buyers will use a search engine (Google, usually) at some stage of the buying process, it’s easy to see why Google sponsored ads can benefit your B2B website.

#3. They Help Build an Online Presence

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, growing your brand online can be hard work – and it’s something that requires ongoing investment in terms of both time and money. When you’re short of time or working with a limited marketing budget, you want to ensure you get the greatest return on investment (ROI). Using Google sponsored ads can help you to get your business noticed, and once your brand is up there with the market leaders, your website will notice an increase in traffic.

#4. Benefit from Pre-Qualified Traffic

What do we mean by ‘pre-qualified traffic’? Well, those who are clicking through to your site are already looking to make a business purchase. Remember, they must have been searching for products or services similar to yours in order to see your advert, which means they are a pre-qualified lead. By the time they fill out your landing page form with their contact details, they’re seriously ready to buy.

#5. Google Sponsored Ads Stand Out from the Crowd

How many times have you clicked on the first advert to appear on a page of search results? The closer your advert is to the top of the results, the more likely you are to get clicks. So if you have a Google sponsored ad that’s also highlighted (usually in yellow), you’re going to experience more clicks and generate more leads – and that means increasing your conversions.

#6. They Make it Easy to Optimise Marketing Campaigns

One key way in which Google sponsored ads can help increase traffic to your site is by making it easier for you to optimise your marketing campaigns. With AdWords, you can easily measure your marketing campaign right down to the number of impressions, number of clicks, click-through rate, cost per click, conversion rate etc. This makes it easier to measure your return on investment (ROI) and simple to improve metrics by optimising your campaigns.

#7. They Target Specific Geographic Locations

One great thing that this form of PPC advertising does is to harness mobile technology such as GPS to allow you to target specific geographic locations. What does that mean for your B2B website? Well, not only can you choose specific locations where you want your adverts to be shown (for example if you’re targeting a certain country or area), you can also harness mobile device users who are looking for a product or service locally. With the number of people browsing using a mobile device growing each year, harnessing this technology to target local businesses could boost traffic to your site.

B2B businesses can really benefit from using Google sponsored ads as part of their marketing campaign, not only to generate leads and increase traffic, but also to grow their brand and online presence. If your business isn’t using AdWords yet, it might be something you want to consider.

Of course, you’ll need a good Google AdWords Management Agency to get the most out of your PPC advertising – go to to find out more.

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