Getting Your Business In Front Of Customers Has Never Been Easier - Despite Coronavirus

Getting Your Business in Front of Customers Has Never Been Easier Despite the Coronavirus

In uncertain times like these, you will already be aware that your client base is the lifeblood of your company. While retaining existing customers should always be a priority – regardless of what the economy is doing – retention alone won’t make your company grow, and will leave you vulnerable should a customer cancel or go out of business.

Even during the Covid 19 shutdown, active marketing efforts can help your company to grow by reaching out to new customers. In fact, getting your business in front of customers has never been easier – what with more people than ever spending time online during the shutdown.

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Not to be underestimated, marketing is one of the most important things a business can invest in during uncertain times – it builds brand awareness, engages prospects, boosts conversion rates and grows the customer base. To discover more about the important role it plays, read on.

Competing Through Small Business Marketing

In the current, highly competitive market place, forward-thinking directors, managers and senior decision-makers are more conscious than ever of what marketing can achieve. With the weaknesses of old fashioned approaches – including face to face networking and hard-copy advertising – brutally exposed by the coronavirus crisis, the latest digital technologies provide the necessary tools for business success – given the right application.

Thanks to modern marketing, savvy entrepreneurs have the opportunity to compete with large competitors online on an equal footing, to cut into new market niches and make healthy returns.

Generating Leads

Do squeezed budgets mean that marketing has to stop? No. Recently developed techniques and digital media mean that having an efficient and effective marketing plan in place is considerably less expensive than a decade or two ago. Notably, social media platforms and email campaigns now mean that reaching out to consumers is a much more accountant-friendly possibility.

The latest marketing methodologies deliver a better ROI than any other advertising medium, which is why successful SMEs are already signing up and enjoying the benefits. If you haven’t invested in digital marketing before, now is the time – while your operational expenses are offset by the government’s temporary business support initiatives.

Benefits Of Marketing Your Business

When planned and implemented well, marketing initiatives give customers the information they need, with a better understanding of how its product or service works, what it does and how they are likely to gain. Armed with this knowledge, prospects are more likely to buy.

The right marketing strategy should put your business on a level playing field with larger competitors. Sometimes, small and medium-sized enterprises might even be at an advantage, as they tend to be able to tailor the service they deliver.

Reaching Customers During The Shutdown

Today's marketing strategies engage customers in a modern arena, outside physical shops and stores. It engages prospects outside regular opening hours and fosters audience involvement with a brand or commercial offering. In short, it drives sales with fresh content that shows customers the future, invites them to approach your business and – most importantly – to buy.

Let Us Help

In hard-pressed SMEs, where time is so often at a premium, developing a working relationship with an experienced marketing agency could accelerate business growth and expand that all-important customer base.

As a result, the steady stream of new customers allows you to grow your business and fulfil your company vision.

With a remote team and a fully digital arsenal of marketing tools ready to use on your behalf, it’s business as usual at the JDR Group. Please call 01332 343281 to find out more.

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