How Marketing Automation Will Help Your Business To Thrive in 2020 (Despite Coronavirus)

How Marketing Automation Will Help Your Business To Thrive in 2020 (Despite Coronavirus)

If you're worried that you won't be able to achieve your business goals this year due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, consider automating your marketing processes. Marketing automation will help you to reduce expenditure and increase sales so that you can maximise your profits. Let's look at some of the advantages it provides.

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Better Human Resource Management

Employing staff can be a costly business and the pandemic has caused many companies to consider streamlining their operations. By automating chores, such as sending out emails, scheduling follow-up calls, adding posts to social media platforms, and analysing customer data, you'll be able to reduce your headcount or reallocate team members to other roles.

More Effective Time Management

If you use marketing automation tools, you and your staff will be able to manage your schedules more effectively. The latest customer relationship management platforms, such as HubSpot, for example, can be synced with your Google or Office 365 calendar. This means that prospects can schedule meetings with you at a time that's convenient for both of you, reducing the need for lengthy email conversations.

Ability To Handle Large-Scale, Personalised Campaigns

One of the easiest ways to improve your conversion rate is to ensure that your marketing communications are individualised. However, that can be tricky when you also want to reach as many people as possible. Luckily, if you use automated email marketing software, you'll be able to deliver different messages to different leads and customers with ease.

Leads And Sales Can Be Generated 24/7

Nowadays, being able to deal with queries and sales at any time of day or night is crucial, particularly if you're trading globally. Using the latest technology to automate your social media posts, email responses, and advertising campaigns will enable you to generate business outside of your usual office hours. You can even use chatbots to answer visitors' questions and schedule calls or follow-up emails. If you've been unable to operate normally due to Covid-19 lockdown regulations, switching to a 24/7 automated service could be a cost-effective way of getting your business back on track.

Increased Reporting Accuracy

Most marketing automation software will produce accurate campaign data which you can access with just a few clicks. You can use this information to assess what is and isn't working and adapt your tactics accordingly. You can also utilise it to monitor your progress against your key performance indicators (KPIs) and help you to set realistic targets every year.

What Next?

To discover more about the benefits of marketing automation and how you could use it within your business, contact JDR. Our inbound marketing specialists will be happy to help.


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