6  Reasons You Need To Start Using Marketing Automation Software For Your Business

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Marketing Automation has propelled dramatically in the last two years, expanding from a £385m industry to an unbelievable £925m! I appreciate it is not the correct marketing strategy for all organisations, however if you invest a significant amount of time into it, I can assure you that the advantages of everything it has to offer will come your way.

In this article, I am going to inform you of just six of the many benefits Marketing Automation could have on your business and why you need to start using this particular software.

1) Reduction in Labour Costs

Marketing Automation helps you prioritise and execute your marketing tasks in a more streamlined manner by reducing the repetitive manual tasks carried out by your staff. Along with all of the other money saving pros that come with Marketing Automation, the ability to employ fewer staff members but achieve the same levels of productivity could be the difference between negative cash flow and a generated profit. 

2) Time Efficient

Marketing Automation is a lot less monotonous as traditional marketing strategies, freeing up time to enable you to focus your attention and creativity elsewhere, such as further campaigns. Many different types of Marketing Automation software offer the feature of having all of your social media accounts on one dashboard. This will seriously save time and increase staff productivity due to being able to schedule posts ahead of time. 

3) A Vision

Marketing Automation helps companies with many leads, it helps to nurture those leads and prioritise them, providing a clear vision and assisting with the mapping out of the journey of securing a sale. This is done by not bombarding potential customers with as much information as possible, but carefully selecting the content distributed and easing in to it. 

4) Build Relationships

Marketing Automation enhances the frequency of communication between leads and yourself. For example, many software will send current customers further customer content, keeping them engaged and creating a more personal feel. This way customers are more likely to be loyal to your company and this is what Marketing Automation is primarily about, nurturing and building relationships.

5) Use Existing Content

Your in depth, valuable content doesn't just have to be shared on social media! Relevant blog content can be distributed to your leads by automated email, with the intention to educate your visitors and strengthen their interest, but also get more out of your content investment.

6) Quick Follow Ups

Harvard Business Review did a study to suggest you're 60 times more likely to secure a sale with a follow up lead sent within an hour than within 24 hours+. Leads are more often than not generated at inconvenient times and outside of typical working hours such as 9pm on a Saturday night. This is where Marketing Automation comes into practice, as it is all computer generated and contacts the leads on your behalf.

I hope these six reasons have educated you on the benefits of using Marketing Automation Software for your business and how Automation Software helps you to see, evaluate and compare what your potential customers are doing, all while building on nurturing your leads. Why would anybody not consider a software that automates your marketing for you?!

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