4 Email Marketing Trends For 2020

4 Email Marketing Trends For 2020

As we enter a new decade, while certain social media platforms and apps have continued to rise in terms of popularity, emails have remained a consistent and reliable method for marketing. Additionally, marketing automation has allowed for more ways to create email content to appeal to your customer base. Here are four email marketing trends you should be aware of for 2020.

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Trend 1 - User-Generated Content

With the ability to embed a wider range of content in emails comes the ability to employ different marketing tactics. People often trust the opinions of fellow users when making purchasing decisions and including review content produced by your customer base is a great way of building your brand. Content can include non-affiliated blog posts, YouTube videos and podcasts, all of which help appeal to the widest audience when implemented appropriately.

Trend 2 - More Interactivity

Marketing directly to your potential customers through emails is an effective tool but giving them the option to interact with your content will lead to better engagement with your business. Animated calls to action, rollover effects, interactive images and carousels, along with accordion features, increase the overall presentation of the email content and the audience’s positive impression of your brand. In addition, interactive content like surveys, polls and feedback forms can provide more data to shape your future direction.

Trend 3 - Accessibility

Another trend are features that can improve the accessibility of content by those with disabilities. For example, voice assisted features can be added for those who are visually impaired. Alternative ways for users to access your content will help include all your potential customers and show that you care about their needs, leading to more potential sales.

Trend 4 – Automation

Automated email marketing can help you turn more leads into customers by targeting different buyer personas and personalising them in order to guide them through the marketing funnel to making a purchase. Email marketing automation will also keep your current customers from drifting away through the use of follow up emails and auto-responses to information requests.

The Continued Strength Of Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be a highly effective strategy for lead generation and increasing sales, and new ways of delivering email content will assist your business to be more effective in reaching your customers. Developing an email marketing strategy that works for your business requires careful planning and research, and employing the services of an inbound marketing agency will help you focus on how to successfully implement these trends successfully in order to reach the highest ROI for your business. For more information, please call 01332 343 281 today.

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