The Importance Of Investing In Your Business - Your Future Self Will Thank You!

The Importance Of Investing In Your Business - Your Future Self Will Thank You!

Let’s talk about investing in the future of your business. I always remember the Bill Shankly quote which was to “strengthen while you're ahead”. In other words, he bought players before he needed players. He reinvested in the squad before he needed to. As a business owner, you have to do the same thing. Economically, we're in uncertain times, with Brexit AND the coronavirus outbreak worldwide. No doubt the businesses that succeed will be the ones that are efficient, financially well-managed, plus, well-managed from a team and employee perspective. Most importantly, for a business to succeed is to also have a highly effective sales and marketing team that can go out to win customers and beat the competitors.

All those aspects take investment, investing in the future of the business as well as just dealing with the day-to-day. Most business owners end up in a hamster wheel, only dealing with the daily demands of the customers, the latest phone call, the latest staff member that you've got to deal with and the latest email that's come in. Very little time is given to forward planning and looking at how you're going to invest and develop the company for the future. I don't believe there are many businesses out there where the business owner could not honestly say, “I should do more of that. I should spend more time planning the future of my business and less time doing the day-to-day activities.”

It's spending the time on the business rather than just working in the business that stops you from having a business that runs you and gets you to the point where you're running the business.

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Brexit has been turbulent in many ways, followed by the global outbreak of coronavirus, which lets face it, is having a big impact on the economy. Curve balls such as these are the exact reason why you need to be prepared in your business. The way you do that is by spending time working on the things that matter and that will move the business forward in the future.

Three ways you can start investing in the future of your business include:

  • Improving working practices
  • Suggesting improvements
  • Incorporating technology

In terms of technology, digital marketing is invested in more and more by many companies. This is because those running these businesses know they need to keep up with the current trends and not be left behind. They know that by deploying various digital marketing techniques such as e-commerce, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing and social media will propel their presence online and gain traction not only amongst existing customers but also potentially acquiring new contact. If there’s another thing to capitalise on, consider using digital marketing to unleash your company’s potential and gain more customers.

Marketing is an investment and can yield good results for your business. An example of digital marketing that can provide much insight into how your audience and competitors behave is conducting search engine optimization (SEO). Most people use search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to look for information. If you use keywords on your website that people are typing in on search engines, your website will be reaching a huge number of customers and will make you stand out from the competition.

Here at JDR Group, we’re a digital marketing agency that can provide high-quality expertise and knowledge to help push your brand, products and services online. We can support you in creating digital campaigns to bring customers to you so why not contact us today to see how we can help out?

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