3 Methods Of Producing Content To Get Your Juices Flowing & How To Increase Engagement

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Let’s face it, creating content for your business online can be a pretty daunting task even at the best of times. Sometimes it takes some real thought and brain power to even think of a topic to produce content around. It’s often the case that too much thought can lead to no ideas at all. In this article, I will be discussing 3 methods that you can use to produce content for your business online to help make the process a little easier! I will also be discussing how you can increase engagement once you’ve produced your content.

Let’s begin with the first method…

Write Articles For Your Business Blog

Let’s start with one of the most obvious methods of producing content for your business online…articles. Writing articles has been a great method of producing content and has been used for years by many businesses. It’s now, however, becoming even more important to produce regular articles for your business blog. Articles can be an extremely powerful tool when used in the right way and it can considerably improve traffic to your website. The problem you may face with articles, however, is coming up with ideas on what to write about. But as stated before, too much thought can lead to no ideas at all. You need to take a step back and think about what problems or questions your customers/clients have. If you’re then able to produce content that helps answer their questions they are much more likely to click throughout your website and see what you’re all about. If you want to learn even more about what you can write about for your blog, here are some interesting articles:

Record On-Topic Podcasts

The next method you can use to produce interesting/different content is to record on-topic podcasts. Podcasts are often thought as only being used by bigger businesses and for news stories, but this is not the case at all. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular and now you’re able to listen to a podcast on pretty much any subject. More people than ever are on the move daily and want to listen to information whilst on the move. This is where podcasts come into their own and stand out as a must when creating content. If you’re able to record a podcast on a certain subject and then upload it to audio sharing sites, you’ll soon gather your own following. Just like producing articles, you can record a podcast that discusses a certain subject and then discuss how this subject can impact certain people/businesses.

If you need some inspiration on what to do a podcast on, we have our very own podcast - JDR Group Digital Prosperity Podcast

Record Industry Relevant Videos

Video content is also a method that has been around and used for a number of years, but just like articles, it’s becoming even more important! How many of us now do a search online and end up watching a video about that subject? I’d put money on the fact that I’ve just described a normal process for most readers. Video content has grown increasingly over the past 12 months and now you can’t look anywhere online without seeing video content. It may be the case you think you can’t produce a video for your industry but you would be 100% wrong! Just like writing an article for your blog, you can create a video that talks about a certain topic where you address any issues or questions your potential customers may have. You can then upload this video to video sharing platforms and also to your website. Traffic will then begin to build to these videos over time. It’s even the case you can do a short write up about this video and get it uploaded to your blog!

You can learn more about video marketing with these great articles:

Increasing Engagement On New Content

Once you’ve produced new content for your business you need to make sure that your engagement on it remains high. One of the best tips to do this is to interact with readers, listeners and watchers. If someone leaves a comment or a message, reply back to them! This will then help to build up a conversion with your potential customer/client. This also looks good to anyone that reads this section as they will see that you’re a business that takes pride in responding to comments and messages.

Another great way to increase engagement is to interact with anyone that shares your content. For example, let’s say you’ve uploaded an article and someone shares this article from their own social media account. If you then comment back to them and ask what they found interesting about the article it will again strike up a conversion with a potential customer/client.

The more you do this the more people will come back and continue to read, listen and watch your content. If you have any questions about content or need help with producing content, get in touch today and speak to one of our experts!

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