4 Lessons For Small Business Owners From The Kardashians!


Love them or loathe them! (I have to say I am the latter) you can’t deny the Kardashians rise to fame has been pretty impressive! Unfortunately for me they have been dominating the media and the internet for quite a few years now! As I scrolled through Facebook yesterday and got irritated with the amount of times an image of either Kim or one of her sisters flashed up on my newsfeed, I couldn’t help but think how impressive it is that the Kardashians have managed to keep the mementum going! And turn themselves into a highly successful brand! Everyone knows the Kardashians, and let’s face it they have become a hugely successful business and brand. Any small business owner would be chuffed to bits if their branding was as successful as the Kardashians has been, and what small business owner wouldn’t want the longevity they have had!

So what can we as business people learn from the Kardashians?

1. Social Media Can Make You A HUGE Success!

If it wasn’t for social media, I don’t believe the Kardashian’s would be where they are today! Their popularity on the social media sites keep them, and their brand, fresh in everyone’s minds, they are everywhere whether we want that to be the case or not!

The Kardashians and their management are fully aware of the importance of social media and they insure they are regularly posting their latest news, opinion’s and photos on their social media sites. Your business should be doing the same to make sure that your brand stays in your customer’s and potential customer’s minds.


2. Sometimes A Change Is Best

The Kardashians are constantly changing their looks, their diets and even their men! The fact that they are constantly changing and moving with the times keeps their fans interested in them, their brand and what they are doing. You should do the same with your business, make sure you are adapting to the times and keeping up to date with your customer’s needs and interests.

You should also insure your marketing methods are up to date, so that you are able to reach your customers. As I mentioned in a previous article, our next generation of customers are going to expect different things to the last generation of customers, and we need to make sure our marketing methods are appropriate. Read more about how your customer’s needs are changing, and what you should do to make sure you and your business are ready for those changes – Your Customers Are Changing Are You Ready For The Next Generation?


3. Publicise your latest news EVERYWHERE!!!

Whenever the Kardashians have news or a new product they publicise it everywhere! I’m not suggesting you should do this with your personal life, but you should most definitely follow in their footsteps as far as your business is concerned. If you have a new product or service, make sure you let everyone know about it by advertising your news in as many different places as possible! For example, on your website, blog, social media accounts, industry related news sites, etc. Everywhere and anywhere you can think off that your target market might spend time!


4. Don’t Shy Away From The Lime Light

The Kardashians ensure that, one way or another, they are always in the lime light; some small business owners can be fearful of doing this as they worry about negative feedback. But as I always say, you have to be in it to win it! The Kardashians certainly suffer their fair share of bad publicity but they never seem to let it get them down! They bounce right back from it! And if you handle negative reviews or negative feedback in the right way, your business will bounce back too! So please do not be afraid to soak up every bit of lime light you can get for your business! If you would like some tips on how to handle negative reviews have a read of the following 3 Ways To Deal With Bad Online Reviews.


Obviously most small businesses are not lucky enough to have the kind of budget the Kardashian gang have to invest in their brand, however a lot of the things that have made their brand the HUGE success it is today involved inexpensive clever marketing. Getting your marketing right can make a massive difference to your business. For example, you don’t need a huge marketing budget to ensure you are posting your latest news regularly on your social media accounts, and updating your blog regularly. This is something you can do with great ease just by setting some time aside. It takes even less time with the use of schedulers such as HubSpot.

Even with the incredibly huge budget The Kardashians have for promoting their brand, they still choose to ensure they are taking advantage of the benefits of free social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook etc.……….Why?..........  Because they know that despite being free, social media sites are among the best online marketing tools in the world! When you think about that you realise how silly it is that some small businesses still choose to ignore social media marketing. It’s a form of marketing that is accessible to everyone and even those with millions of pounds and hugely successful brands, still prioritise it within their marketing strategies, and choose to invest their time on social media marketing. With this in mind why on earth wouldn’t you follow their lead and do the same for your own brand! The ongoing success of the Kardashians proves that social media marketing really does work!

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