4 Reasons Why You May Need To Consider Updating Content Across Your Website

4 Reasons Why You May Need To Consider Updating Content Across Your Website.png

Let’s face it, updating the content on your website is never a task you really want to do, is it? There are always more important business tasks that need to be completed before it comes to updating anything on your website. The fact is that the content on your website can play a very important part of your online marketing efforts and attracting new traffic to your website. In this article, I will be discussing 4 reasons why you seriously need to start to consider updating the content across your website.

Let’s begin with point number one…

1) Google Loves Seeing Fresh Content

The biggest reason to update the content across your website is that Google absolutely loves seeing new fresh content on your website. When crawling and reviewing your website Google will also take note of how regularly you’re making updates to your website. The more updates Google can see the better. This is because if Google sees you’re making regular updates to your website you’re actually trying to give your website visitors the newest and most recent content.

This is what Google loves, giving website searchers exactly what they want. So if you can produce fresh new content on a regular basis Google will see this and point even more potential traffic to your website. This then means you can start testing different formats of content and seeing which one has the best interaction rates with your visitors.

2) Image Size Matters

The next reason why it’s important to update the content on your website is that image sizes can play a dramatic role in overall website performance. Having large images across a website can be the number one reason for a website running slow and not performing to its full potential. Site speed and performance is also another factor that Google takes into consideration when reviewing websites to show for organic searches. So it’s crucial that you have a super-fast, high performing website! Image sizes are also something that can be easily edited so it’s not even a task that needs to be completed by a ‘technical’ person. All it takes is for you to log into your website and go through each image and reduce the size of any images which are over 100KB. Here are some top articles we’ve published which can also help with website speed and performance:

3) Out With The Old In With The New

Let’s not beat around the bush with this one, there is nothing worse than visiting a website online only to see the content on there is dated back to 2010 and isn’t current anymore. Never let your content on your website get outdated. This can be a massive put off for potential customers visiting your website as they may think you’re not keeping up with current times and trends. Updating your content will show to the world that you’re keeping up with industry changes and that the content on your website can be trusted.

This is where a blog can be extremely useful as this is a great place to showcase new industry news. A blog also gives you the platform to publish fresh new content on a regular basis so it’s certainly worth creating a blog for your website. If you’re not familiar with a blog here is a great article we produced on the subject - Creating A Successful Blog Strategy – What To Write About?

4) Harmful Duplicate Content

Having duplicate content on your website not only looks lazy to the user reading it but it can also have a lasting negative impact on your website. Again touching on what Google looks for when ranking websites, duplicate content is one of the factors it takes into account. Duplicate content on your website can often be left unnoticed and untouched and this is why it’s so important to look back at your content and make regular updates. This way your content is always being checked and is being updated. If you do notice any duplicate content on your website you need to take action straight away and update that piece of content to be 100% unique.

What To Do Next?

The next step you need to take after reviewing your website content is to put an action plan together. The sooner you’re able to update and replace content on your website the sooner the positive impacts will start to show. Never underestimate the power of the content on your website and always aim to produce new top quality content whenever you get the chance. If it’s the case you’re struggling with producing your own content get in touch with us today and speak to one of our experts!

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