5 Videos You Can Create For Free With Your Smart Phone


Many businesses are not currently using video marketing as a key strategy for their business. You may be thinking that video marketing is very expensive, well it does not need to be. You can actually create great videos for your business free of charge by simply using your smart phone. Videos can actually have a very large impact on your business. It is a way of communicating to potential customers which encourages them to engage straight away. It is important for your business to showcase your benefits and capabilities so that prospects will want to choose your business. It is important to remember with videos that you can share them through your online marketing channels . This can be done through social media and your websites to regularly try and engage with new potential customers.

Additionally before creating your videos it is important to have a plan in place. This will allow you to have a clear understanding of how you want the videos to be created. It is also important to test your videos before publishing them through your digital marketing and sales channels

What are the different types of videos that I can create by using my smartphone?

1) Customer Testimonials

It is important to show your potential customers that you are a reliable company, providing excellent customer services to all your customers. (Assuming that you are.) This will reassure potential customers that you will be able to help them with their questions and that you will complete their projects by the deadlines.  It provides credibility for your business and will encourage potential customers to enquire with you. Using videos for your customer testimonials is very powerful and will encourage prospects to find out more. Even if you only have a few testimonials these will help attract new people to your business. Your customer testimonials can also be shared through a range of your marketing channels. You should make sure you have a prominent section on your website and share through all your social media networks. This will help prospects to become more familiar with your business. You may also want to have written testimonials which you can use for case studies for your business, on your website, in your marketing literature and in your sales literature.

2) Tour of your Premises

You can also take a video of your business premises to provide an overview of all your business operations. If you are a manufacturing business for example you may want to include in the video a demonstration of your products being produced in the factory. This will help to visually demonstrate your product capabilities to your potential customers. You may also have a product showroom for example that you want to include in the video. These types of videos will help you build up important relationships with your potential customers.

3) Interview your MD

An interview with your business’s MD will help to boost your business credibility within your industry. In the video you can add in images of key projects you have completed or key products your are selling. Your MD could highlight the key benefits of your products and services. Providing examples of how you have helped other businesses through successful projects. In the video you may also want to interview other key members of your team to explain how different areas of your business work. This will help your prospects to gain a clear understanding of your business capabilities.  Videos featuring real people with real stories to tell also instil trust.

4) Product Demonstration

There may be a certain way to demonstrate your products in order for them to work effectively. You could have a key person from your product or installation team giving clear instructions of how the product works through your video. They could also explain the key benefits of the products which will encourage prospects to choose you. It is important to explain clearly all aspects of the products so your prospects clearly understand how your products could benefit them. Always relate your guidance towards your target potential customers. You may also want to practice what you want to say in the video or create a few versions of the video to ensure that your video is successful.

Ensure that you consider safety when showcasing your product demonstration. If you have large products in which you need to consider safety equipment, make sure this Is also demonstrated through your videos. Additionally if you have a product launch it may be important to create a video for this to demonstrate how your products are different to your competitors. What solution is your business providing them with, to have a positive impact on their business? What are the true product benefits for them? Why is it important for them to choose your business? What are your product unique selling points? Your product demonstration video should answer all these key questions.

5) How to… Guide and Training Videos

It is important to provide your prospects with information about your business to encourage them to enquire about your products and services. Through how to guide videos you are allowing your prospects to understand your products further. This is to encourage them to want to buy your products and to purchase from you.

This video approach goes very well with using blogging to further inform prospects about your business. How to guides can also be used successfully through your social media channels to share with your potential customers. You may also want to use YouTube itself to build up a video library for your business as well as including the videos on your website.

It is important to encourage sharing of your videos to increase followers and fans for your business. This can be done regularly through YouTube and other social media websites such as Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Videos additionally will help make your website more interactive. You may want to include videos on a few of your product pages and your website homepage to help with conversions. You may also encourage potential customers to download videos through sales landing pages on your website. This can also be part of your email marketing strategy to include video downloads in your email campaign sequences. You may want to send sequence emails to prospects who opt-in so you can include some videos through these emails. You may also want to add videos to your sales presentations. This will also help you to build up important business relationships and contacts for your business.

As you can see there are many benefits to using video in your marketing strategy.  I have just provided you with some ideas on how to get started!

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Article by: Laura Morris-Richardson