5 Of The Best Benefits Of Video Marketing

5 Of The Best Benefits Of Video Marketing.pngVideo marketing uses videos rather than simply words or pictures to market ideas, products and services. This may sound obvious, but if you look closely at it, you will find that videos appeal to people in a way that pictures and words just don’t.

Videos are much easier to watch than reading written information, or even looking at still pictures. What’s more, recent global trends have resulted in a huge increase in video marketing for B2B service companies, making it a common and easy method to use for businesses of all sizes.

The following are the 5 main benefits of using video as part of your marketing strategy:

Benefit 1 – Increased Web Traffic

You may have excellent adverts that will convince customers that you are the business to go to, but those will do nothing if customers don’t see the adverts. Before anything else, you need to persuade them to click on your link. Videos have a remarkably high lead generation rate compared to other types of media. The main reason for this is because both search engines and people favour links with videos.

Since videos are easy and require very little effort to watch, people are more likely to click on links with videos in them. What’s more, many search engines will display sources with multiple content types, including videos, before other sources. Since links with videos are more likely to turn up in search results and more likely to be clicked on, you’ll end up getting more views for pages with videos.

Benefit 2 – Memorability

Everyone has a different learning style. Some people are visual learners, some are auditory, etc. The great thing about video marketing is that it appeals to multiple senses. There is light, sound, colour, movement, and much more. Having a marketing strategy that incorporates as many senses as possible increases the chance that your advert will be remembered by many people.

For example, say you have a picture. That will appeal to visual learners, who will likely remember it, but it will do a lot less for auditory learners. A video has picture, sound and frequently written words as well, and will thus appeal to both visual and auditory people.

Benefit 3 – Accessibility Of Information

Times change, and today’s world sees many people with shorter attention spans and less patience for spending time gathering information. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a million. You can’t make adverts too lengthy, or people will lose focus and move onto something else. Videos allow you to pack a larger amount of information into a smaller time.

Just to take an example, let’s say the average customer will spend one minute paying attention to an interesting advert. Think how much more information you can convey to them in a video in one minute than in a page of writing. Not only do videos give information, but they persuade in a subtler way via devices such as tone, lighting, music, etc., that other forms of media will have to work much longer to achieve.

Benefit 4 – More Efficient Customer Communication

Getting new customers is important, but keeping old customers and developing long term value is just as necessary to your success. Giving customers ongoing support is going to make sure that their experience keeps going smoothly, and they keep coming back for more. Videos are a good idea here for the same reason they are for new customers: they are a lot easier to work with.

Think of how much it easier it would be to watch a two-minute video on how to troubleshoot when your dishwasher isn’t working, versus reading the manual. People are more likely to stay with a company who provides support that doesn’t require prolonged concentration and focus, but which provides solutions quickly and simply.

Marketing extends to far more than simply grabbing a one-off sale. If you use video marketing in your business, you can easily adapt it to incorporate these desirable customer service features, for increased loyalty and to encourage secondary spend. Using marketing videos in many aspects of your business will bring you a high return on investment, as keeping customer loyalty will bring long term business, aid retention and help convert your customers into fans. This increases the full lifetime spend value of each customer.

Benefit 5 – Exposure

No matter how closely you target a marketing campaign, there will always be some potential customers who just won’t be exposed to it. Social media shares drastically increase the reach of your content and the businesses exposed to your message. Videos are the sharable form of content on social media, par excellence. There is a far greater chance that a marketing video will be shared than any other form of promotional content.

Videos have a high potential to ‘go viral’, if they are created in a catchy and relevant way, which will expose many more people to your marketing campaign than just those few who experience it first-hand.

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Want To Try Video Marketing?

Intuitive design packages have made video marketing a more realistic channel for businesses of all sizes. It isn’t only big players who can afford to create custom videos – almost anyone can use a cheap online app to create a decent marketing video.

This is the easy part. Making sure your video gets in front of the right people in order to bring in the results you need is the million dollar question. This is where we can help. Different people respond better to different types of content, so at JDR we use video content alongside other media as part of a broad marketing strategy to meet the needs of your business.

We also use the right platforms, including social media, PPC and email, to place your video content in front of a targeted audience. This ensures the highest impact for your content and the best possible ROI from your marketing strategy. Get in touch with one of our advisers to find out more.