Case Study: Industrial Parts Supplier Found In Google For 1,782 Keywords


Industrial-Parts-Supplier-Grows-Website-TrafficIn this case study, you'll see how a small industrial parts supplier got found in Google for 1,782 keywords. In the process, they have built a steady stream of relevant new customer enquiries. This has given them so much confidence in their web presence, they decided to move to E-commerce.

At The Start - 3 Websites, No Results!

The client was a family run business, run from a garage to the side of their home. When we first met them, they had 3 websites built by 3 different website companies, including
Our first step was to complete a full analysis of their marketing and their websites. We wrote up a full marketing report detailing all the issues we found:
  • None of the three websites was performing well - none of them were getting more than 100 visits a month
  • Inbound enquiries were rare
  • They had no CRM system beyond their accounts software
  • They had no social media presence at all
  • There was no ongoing communication with existing customers
  • They were not updating their website - no new product announcements, no articles, or news stories
  • There was no marketing strategy

The Marketing Plan

Following on from the report, we put together a custom marketing programme for them. We agreed start with web design, to combine the three separate websites into one new site. Following the website, we then started a comprehensive inbound marketing programme including:

  • Marketing Strategy - we created an SEO strategy, identified key services and target personas, and developed the marketing strategy.
  • SEO (search engine optimisation).
  • Google Ads management (setting up and managing Google pay-per-click advertising).
  • Content marketing - regular blog articles written, published and promoted across social media.
  • Lead generation - we applied several conversion rate optimisation strategies to the website, and also created a number of PDF guides to use as part of online lead generation.
  • HubSpot CRM (customer relationship management) implementation.

The Results: Regular New Customer Enquiries

The progress from the humble beginnings has been remarkable. The key stats are:

  • 85 tracked keywords on page one
  • 38 tracked keywords at #1
  • 16.5x increase in website traffic from 121 visits to 2,000 visits a month
  • Inbound enquiries have grown from virtually nothing to around 20 new customer enquiries every month

Here's what these results look like in graph form:

SEO Results - 1,782 keywords in the top 100


The graph above from our SEO software shows the growth in the number of keywords in which this website is found in the top 100. The website is now found in the top 100 for 1,782 keywords.


Above you can see how this has translated into website traffic. SEO has been the main driver behind the growth of this client, and they are now getting found by people searching in Google by more than 1,000 people every month.

Website Traffic - 16.5x Growth 


The combination of SEO, Google Ads, Email marketing and social media marketing has led to an overall growth in website traffic to more than 2,000 visits per month. This is remarkable for the niche set of industrial products sold by the client, and is more than 16 time higher than when we started. It is also continuing to grow, giving confidence for the future.

Consistent New Customer Enquiries


As you can see, the number of enquiries was next to nothing at first - but as the website traffic has grown, and more and more keywords have got to page one, the numbers have steadily increased. The enquiries have also become more relevant, leading to new customers giving repeat/regular business.

Next Steps: Ecommerce

We are now developing a B2B Ecommerce website allowing their customers to order replacement parts online. This will make the business more efficient and allow them to scale and grow but without significant investments in extra staff. It will also give existing customers a new way to place orders and view stock levels.

Additional Benefits 

Apart from new customer enquiries, there have been lots of other benefits of this marketing programme. For this client, they include:

  • Email marketing added as a way of staying in touch with all customers, past and present
  • Improved credibility, especially with key industry suppliers, from their regular articles and social media posts
  • Tracking and measurement of marketing - using call tracking to log all inbound phone calls and HubSpot to log and track all other website enquiries
  • A CRM system to keep a track of quotes and all leads and enquiries

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