Case Study: Automotive Racking Manufacturers Double Website Traffic & Leads

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This example comes from an international automotive racking manufacturer who already had an effective website, and had some of the biggest names in the industry as customers. They saw that there was a much wider market available for their products, so they decided to take the plunge and look to take their online marketing on to the next level with JDR..

At The Start

Before we began work, this website was getting around 600 visits per month, generating 20-30 new enquiries per month.

They were already active on social media, had invested in SEO, and were regularly writing and sharing news stories via their blog.

Our Solution

We identified that their website (built in Wix) was going to have restrictions in terms of tracking, and we identified the lack of a conversion strategy. We also identified that their news was company-centric and promoting their products rather than being written for their audience and trying to answer questions and be interesting and useful.

We began a program of weekly blogging, stepped up their social media activity and developed a series of conversion strategies for their website including writing and producing a guide/eBook.

They have since had this guide printed, and use it as a physical handout at sales meetings and events, and the PDF has now been downloaded by hundreds of people from their website.

We transferred their website to WordPress and made several changes to improve the messaging and layout.

We recommended using HubSpot, a technology platform which allows us to:

  • Track and measure every element of their online marketing - in one place
  • Automate email marketing to their database
  • Track all of their web enquiries, allowing us to measure the effectiveness of each individual channel

The Results

We have seen a consistent and steady growth in website traffic, which has now doubled to over 1300 visits per month.

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We have also seen a big growth in leads and enquiries, from 20-30 per month to 60+so far in 2018:

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We have also helped with the marketing of a new product recently brought to market, make more from their YouTube videos and have helped them promote themselves and communicate more consistently with their existing customer base.

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