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A Wordpress website is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and the JDR team are here to help you achieve the perfect website in just weeks.

You may be wondering what Wordpress actually is, well in that case keep reading to find out the brilliant features this platform has to offer. From a simple blog, a photo blog, a business portfolio and an e-commerce website, Wordpress offer a fantastic range of themes and plugins that will suit your style right down to the ground.

Wordpress in a nutshell is a CMS system (Content Management System) used to build websites on. For more information on CMS Systems see this article: 6 Questions To Ask Your CMS Designer.

Wordpress offers a 100% user friendly content management system that allows you to edit your website from anywhere on the go. This give you, as a business, full control over the site. You will not have to wait for a web design company to make changes for you or be at the mercy of their charges. Being Internet based, you have to ability to edit and changes your entire website from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the Internet with a digital device i.e. smart phone, tablet or PC. As some users are new to all this stuff, it also gives you the chance to preview your work before publishing it live on the internet, just so you are certain your website will always look its best.

Themes and Plugins

Wordpress deliver a fantastic range of themes to use, and the capability to import your own. It allows you to give your blog, website or business profile that special look it deserves, and makes you proud to say you created it right from the very beginning. Additionally, you have the potential to add certain plugins to make your site go that extra mile. For example, you are able to download an All-in-One Search Engine Optimisation pack to help you get your pages ranking through the searches on Google. It lets you input certain keywords and phrases your blog has to offer, and makes you shine brighter than all the rest. More information on SEO can be found here:


Wordpress will automatically make your web creation user friendly, and transform your site into a mobile version without you doing any of the hard work. This will help boost the amount of time visitors spend on your site, as most people view things through smartphones. It also stops users having to keep zooming in and out, and also scrolling left/right and up/down. Mobile optimized websites have been proven to improve conversion rates from visits to sales/enquiries. Mor information on mobile optimized websites can be found here:

No HTML Required

For those of you who like everything simple, and aren’t about the ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff, then a Wordpress site is the answer. With its simple, no HTML editing software, there isn’t anything for you to get confused about. This enables you to have a better piece of mind, spending less time stressing over things you aren‘t certain of, and more time making your site look great and focusing on those all important conversions.

Search Engines Love Wordpress

The coding used behind a Wordpress site is very clean and simple to understand. This makes it easy for Search Engines to read and understand the content of the website/blog. In addition, using Wordpress as a blog allows you to set each post to have its own individual keywords and Meta descriptions, enabling singular posts to be found as well.

With Wordpress, it makes it possible to add your social media profiles as plugins such as Facebook and Twitter. For example, the Facebook plugin allows you to show the Facebook statuses you post, and also gives users the chance to like and follow your page without diverting away from your website. This gives potential new clients the chance to engage in the other social platforms you are utilising too. Not only can clients interact, but they can also retweet, share and like with the 1-click Retweet/Share/Like plugin, which will allow users to be able to share your website, including a link back to your website, and spread the word about your business, products or services.

Multiple Pages

Many people think that Wordpress is just a blogging platform, which isn’t wrong, but it can be used for so much more as it has developed over time. You can easily create a multi page websites including navigation systems, that are made simple. Internet uses may look at a dropdown on their favourite shopping website and wonder how it is made, but with Wordpress it is so straight forward that any one can do it. Wordpress have made this system so user friendly that you are able to create drop down menus just by dragging your pages across and arranging them however you may need.

Here at JDR, we specialise in building websites within Wordpress. From the design, to the build and maintaining the website. We will be here for you every step of the way. JDR specialise in not only the creation of the website, but we also continue to guide you in the right direction to becoming a brilliant website editor. This is a brilliant way of ‘cutting out the middle man’ and knowing when something needs editing/updating you are able to accomplish this yourself. For more information, please visit http://www.jdrwebsites.co.uk/index.php?webpage=new_website


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Article by Shelby Norton

photo credit: thatcanadiangirl via photopin cc