Why You Should Regularly Analyse Your Content

Why You Should Regularly Analyse Your Content

If you've created a piece of content, you are going to want to see it have a positive impact on your business. You don't want to see content that you have worked hard on go to waste and not produce anything for your business. However, if you aren't analysing your content, how are you to know if it is helping your business at all?

Every piece of content you create, whether it's an infographic, a video, a CTA or a landing page, should be analysed. When we say analyse, we don't just mean checking to see if you've made more sales after uploading a piece of content. When you analyse a piece of content, you are analysing how effective it is in several areas.

Knowing How To Increase Viewers

When you create a piece of content and upload it, consumers can find it and interact with it in different ways. However, what if they can't find it? Your content can't have any impact on your business if it isn't being seen. Let's take a blog article, for example. A holiday company creates a blog article about what you should remember to pack before going on a summer holiday. They don't know if the article is being seen by many people or where those people have come from. That is, of course, until they analyse where the views are coming from.

In this case, they see that most of the views they are getting are coming from organic traffic. They also notice they aren't getting any traffic coming from social media. After analysing where the views have come from, they have a better understanding of where they are doing well and where they can improve. So, for this article, they realise they haven't promoted it on social media so they aren't going to get any views coming from there. They then put out a post promoting the article and check again the following week. It comes as little shock that they have started receiving traffic from social media.

So, in this scenario, we can see that just analysing where your traffic is coming from can help you increase the number of people that will view your content. It can be as simple as posting on social media but it can have a real impact on how many viewers a piece of content gets.

Knowing How To Increase Engagement

It's one thing getting views for a piece of content, it's another thing getting viewers to actually engage with that content. The way we engage with different pieces of content varies so there are a lot of factors to look at when analysing engagement. Let's first get into why it is so important to analyse the engagement of a piece of content.

Let's go back to the summer holiday blog post. The blog post itself is getting a lot of views but that doesn't necessarily mean it is successful. The purpose of blogging is to attract prospects and turn them into leads. The actual blog post is used to attract prospects by answering a question they have or providing a solution to a problem. Offers are promoted in the blog post in an attempt to start the conversion process. Offers are promoted in the form of CTAs.

So, you know how many people are viewing the post and where they are coming from but you also need to know how they engage with the content. Are they:

  • Clicking on CTAs
  • Filling out forms on landing pages
  • Sharing the post on social media
  • Commenting on the post
  • Staying on the site after reaching a thank you page

Let's take a CTA, for example. On the blog article about what you should remember to pack before going on a summer holiday, the holiday company includes a CTA at the bottom of the post. The CTA is for a free guide to planning the perfect summer holiday, which they have included as it is relevant to the post. However, they have noticed that it is getting no clicks. They use this information to make changes to the CTA, making one change at a time and analysing the difference it makes.

In this case, they change the text on the CTA so that it includes a more relevant action-oriented verb. They then analyse the CTA again to see if there is any improvement since the last time they checked.

By looking at viewer engagement with your content, you can make changes to help improve engagement and get more conversions.

Creating Content Is Just The Start

Creating content is crucial to your marketing strategy but creating content that isn't doing much for your business is a waste, especially if it only needs a few tweaks to really make an impact. Analysing your content gives you the platform you need to make your content as good as it can be. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.

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