5 Digital Marketing Myths That Are Harming Your Marketing & Lead Conversions

I’m sure like most of us, you will have heard many tall tales about digital marketing both good and bad. This unfortunately has made digital marketing turn into a wild beast in the eyes of many businesses.

In this blog article, the aim is to dissipate these myths and help you and your business get the most from your digital marketing, because if done correctly you will prosper. Fact

Myth No. 1: More Traffic on The Website = More Leads

A big myth that many MD’s get wrong is they think that surely more traffic on the website means more leads. Well unfortunately this just isn’t true. You need to have qualified visitors that are interested in your products or services so you can solve their pain points and move them along the buyer’s journey with your company. A simple way to remember this is: It’s not the number of people pursuing you that matters, it’s the quality of those people that really matter.

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Myth No. 2: One Test and That’s it!

To continue getting constant success from digital marketing efforts you need to test, test and test some more.

This comes into play across all your digital marketing tools including:

  • Website pages
  • Landing pages
  • Emails
  • Blog articles
  • Social media headlines

You need to have the mantra that there is always something that you can improve. Yes, subject line A is performing better than B, but wait, how would subject line C do? Subject line C could be better than A & B. This way of thinking and testing will improve your conversion rate dramatically. Part of your digital marketing strategy must include testing. Learn more on A/B testing with this article - Landing Page A/B Split Testing - What to Test and How to Do It. Also, check out some of the top conversion rate optimisation tools available here: Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools: A Guide To 5 Top Tools To Increase Website Conversions

Myth No. 3: “No” is Final

Imagine you have spent time and effort to create a great Facebook advertising campaign. The campaign generates interest and a potential customer clicks the ad. They then arrive on your landing page. Brilliant right? Maybe not, unfortunately they didn’t fill out the landing page form. That’s a small success but failure to convert.

You did all the hard work in creating an attractive advert that generated interest in the offer you were promoting, the fact that they didn’t fill out the form suggests that they were just not ready……yet.  So don’t let all of that hard work go to waste by accepting “NO”.  Don’t let a “no” be the end of the road. Engage in re-targeting ads that offer a different lead magnet that might be more valuable to them.

Myth No. 4: All Social is The Same

A major part of any digital marketing campaign is to use the full power of social media. Let’s face it if you’re not using social media by now then your business isn’t going to survive digitally.

What can be hard to understand is which platform is right for your business and with so many new platforms released it can be hard to keep on top of them all. But you don’t need to have a presence on each one. Research into which platforms your clients and potential clients use regularly and focus your efforts on these. If you try to be everywhere all the time, you’ll end up wasting your time and effort, resulting in minimal impact.

Myth No. 5: Emails Mean Spam

Email marketing has been receiving bad press in the news recently, suggesting it is dead. Often people have the misconception that sending emails is basically spamming people.


Today, we as consumers, are overstimulated by marketing messages. We are learning how to switch off from these messages. Ignoring what isn’t relevant or what we don’t recognise. Email works really well, in keeping the message at the front of the mind. The more consistent your message, the regularity of reaching out to them and providing them with valuable content, the more likely they are to turn to you when they need someone offering your services.

This should give you the confidence to use digital marketing to your advantage and be the market leader beating your competition.

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