4 Digital Marketing Myths – Busted!

Digital Marketing Myths - Busted

As digital marketing has become increasingly a part of the online business scene, a number of myths have established themselves. These are often quoted as though they were inarguable facts, but in fact some of them can actively harm your business model. Here are a few of the most common myths to avoid falling for.

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1) “Only Large Businesses Need Digital Marketing”

The days are long gone when only the largest companies needed to think about a digital marketing strategy. With technology becoming more accessible and affordable by the year, SME owners can now boost their business growth digitally, more easily than ever before. A distinctive, compelling online presence is a magnet for prospective customers and a powerful driver of sales; the services of a good local digital agency can prove a great help here.

2) “Email Marketing Is Just Spam”

This is no more true of email than of any other marketing channel. Traditional direct mail or phone calls can also be used for spam, but no business would ignore them for legitimate sales purposes. Many people prefer businesses to use email rather than other channels for marketing. The key is to target email appropriately, rather than employing a scattergun approach.

3) “You Need To Target Every Single Social Media Platform”

Quite apart from the very high demands on resources this would incur, trying to be "everywhere at once" can be counter-productive. Different social media platforms have different demographics – for example, Twitter attracts a high proportion of young users, and is an easy place for informal conversations with customers. Pinterest, meanwhile, has a strongly female demographic and is all about images rather than words. Choose a small number of platforms appropriate to your business and concentrate on those.

4) “You'll Get Instant Results”

Digital marketing, if employed correctly, usually yields excellent results – but these may take time to become apparent. Don't make the mistake of thinking that if a campaign you've worked hard on isn't showing results immediately, you must have done something wrong. Instead, make use of tracking to get an early idea of whether things are moving in the right direction – this is an area where working with a business development partner like JDR can offer considerable benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness and ROI.

What Next?

There are many myths and misconceptions that have the potential to stand in the way of your marketing strategy. Fortunately, working with a knowledgeable, straight-talking and experienced agency like JDR can help cut through to the proven techniques that deliver reliable results. To find out how we can make marketing work better for you, call 01332 343281 today.

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