The Biggest Myths About Inbound Marketing – They Are Just That… MYTHS!

The Biggest Myths About Inbound Marketing – They Are Just That… MYTHS! 1
You'll often find people who give reasons for not believing in inbound marketing. These reasons are usually complete myths. Believing them can really hurt your business and put major dents in your bottom line. Here are some of the biggest myths we've come across recently:

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1) "You Don't Need Marketing"

MYTH. Even now, a surprisingly large number of people will tell you that all you need is a business website. While having a website is a vital part of any modern business development strategy, it's not true that it's enough on its own. Just having a site sitting there looking pretty is about as useful as painting all your laptops purple. It may be nice to look at, but it won't be doing much to help your business grow. You do need marketing, otherwise you're missing out a vital weapon in your armoury and giving up ground to competitors.

2) "It's Just A Trend"

MYTH. Inbound marketing has been consistently growing for many years now, and there's a very good reason for that – it works. This isn't some passing fashion. With every year that goes by, more and more companies like yours are realising how powerful inbound marketing can be. Outbound methods of marketing, such as cold calling, perform much worse by comparison. That's unsurprising when you think about just how much better it is to connect with leads rather than harangue them. Inbound marketing is here to stay.

3) "More Is Better"

MYTH. There's a belief held by some business owners that the more content you push out, the better the return on your investment will be. That's a very simplistic way of looking at it. No matter how much content you have, if it's not high quality, then it's not going to do a great deal for your sales. It's a good idea to talk to an inbound marketing agency that can help you find the perfect balance to strike. Just as a great restaurant will provide sufficient food but always make quality the top priority, so the right marketing strategy will work similarly.

4) "It Doesn't Work"

MYTH. In fact, inbound marketing is one of the best ways to improve your company's performance. Research carried out by Visual Objects has found that over 70% of businesses using inbound marketing have experienced a rise in leads. A majority also reported higher conversion rates. Inbound marketing has the inherent advantage that instead of irritating potential customers with salesy material they may find irrelevant or annoying, it provides genuinely useful content and leaves the the contact decision in their hands.

5) "My Business Is B2C, So I Don't Need It"

MYTH. You'll frequently hear it said that an inbound marketing strategy is only useful for B2B companies. This is not the case. For a start, today's consumers want exactly what inbound marketing can give them: information, personalised contacts, and a real relationship with the brands they choose to support. Creating quality content that's original, useful, and relevant meshes perfectly with consumers' desires. Inbound methods are also excellent at allowing you to analyse and track clicks, impressions, and so on.

Discover The REALITY Behind Inbound Marketing

It's all too easy to let yourself be distracted by these myths and ignore inbound marketing – but if you do, you’ll be missing out on a cost-effective and proven way of growing your business. Making inbound tactics an integral part of your business growth strategy will pay off over time. To find out how, have a chat with one of our marketing specialists today.

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