5 Content Promotion Tactics To Get Your Content In Front Of Your Audience!

5 Content Promotion Tactics To Get Your Content In Front Of Your Audience!.jpg

Creating killer content is the small part of the content marketing process. The bigger part is promoting that content. In fact, only 20% of your resources should be used for creating content and the other 80% should be used on promoting it. Many businesses do this the other way around! Do you fall under this bracket? The content promotion tactics discussed in this article should give you some ideas to help you get more from your content!

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1) Social Media

Social Media is HUGE in the world of marketing today. With platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn that just continue to grow, there really is no limit. Also, I can guarantee you that a lot of your customers are going to be spending at least some amount of time on Social Media. You need to get in front of them. This is why Social Media should play a big role in your content promotion strategy. Each new piece of valuable content you create should be promoted across your different business Social Media channels and any employee channels if possible. The more you can get your word out there, the better! If the piece of content you are promoting is really good and you want even more traction then I would also suggest running paid adverts to it. All of the main platforms have this facility.

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2) SEO

Although SEO or Search Engine Optimisation should be seen as more of a long-term promotional strategy, it should still be considered. Optimise each piece of content you send out in an SEO friendly way. Be sure to do your keyword research first and then do as many of the below as you can:

  • Optimise the title tag
  • Optimise the meta description
  • Include the keyword in the heading tag
  • Include the keyword in the URL
  • Include the keyword in image alt text

There are more on-site elements to consider with your content but the above should be your priority. It is then also important to start looking at a link building strategy for your content.

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3) Email

Email is one of the most successful forms of marketing in the world today and also offers one of the highest ROIs (return on investments). That is the main reason it should be towards the top on your content promotion strategies list. With each piece of content you produce, send a broadcast email out to your blog subscribers notifying them of it. Also, to promote your content further send out a monthly newsletter rounding up your top pieces of content for that month.

Top Tip: Add personalisation in your emails to get better results!

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4) Write For Other People

Another thing to consider is outreach! Reach out to influencers in your industry asking to write for them. Pitch amazing content to them that their readers will love. It is extremely important to take your time with this and do your research. Don't just send one email template to 100 people, you need to personalise them, otherwise, your rejection rate is going to be much higher! If you get the chance to write for an influencer and get an article on their site you should be able to include an author bio. In this you can include links to a few key pages on your site, gaining more exposure.

5) Repurpose Your Content!

Once you have produced your content, repurpose it and reuse it! This has 2 key benefits. The first, it saves you a heap of time in creating more content and the second, it also acts as a method of promotion. Let's say you've written an in-depth blog article... You could repurpose this into a whiteboard YouTube video that links back to the original article and then get it made into an eye-catching infographic! There are a number of different options available when it comes to content repurposing.


To summarise, content promotion is key to getting your content in front of your audience and getting noticed! You don't need to think too hard about content promotion strategies either as the options are endless. We have just discussed some of the main ones in this article but we haven't really touched the sides!

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