How To Use Reverse IP Software To Get New Clients

How To Use Reverse IP Software To Get New Clients.jpg

Reverse IP software uses a network's unique IP address to create a basic profile of who your online visitors are. An IP address (otherwise referred to as an Internet Protocol) is a number used to identify each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.

Benefits Of Using Reverse IP Software

1) Hone Your Buyer Personas

First and foremost, reserve IP software allows your business to gather useful information such as:

  • The user's location
  • Their contact information
  • Their behavioural characteristics like keyword searches, which pages they visited and how long they spent on those pages

This type of information is incredibly useful as it allows your business to create accurate buyer personas profiles.

Setting up buyer personas (a mock-up of who your ideal client is) makes it easier to hone your content to topics your customers are genuinely interested in.

For instance, if you notice that IP addresses in and around the UK are frequently viewing your webpage on "How To Build A Pond" then this is a surefire sign that your customers would also like to see fresh content around the same topic. So, later on that week you could publish more content like an infographic or a blog to enhance your relationship with your customers, because you are publishing content they want to see.

Always remember that Google loves fresh content. Publishing new content is a great way to steadily boost your Google ranking as Google is more likely to show new, correctly optimised content over out-dated webpages.

2) Gather Contact Details For Qualified Leads

Reserve IP software is also a create opportunity to jot down people's contact information to help you follow up potential leads through email or telephone. Keep in mind that most people don't want to be pestered with sales calls, therefore it's advisable to only contact people who have repeatedly visited your site. The best way forward would be email them or offer them something like a free ebook or a special offer to help solidify your position as the industry leader.

3) Analyse Where Your Visitors Are Coming From

You can also take a look at whether your visitor traffic was organic or paid-search. A high percentage of organic traffic is a good indication that your website is correctly optimised for the keywords you are targeting, whereas a high level of paid-search traffic suggests that many of your customers are finding your site through your PPC rather than your actual written content. Taking a look at this type of content allows you to spot areas for improvement in your marketing, especially if all your traffic is only coming from one source.

4) Conversions

You can also see who has spent the most time on your website and which pages they’ve been most active on. If you can see visitors are clicking on your "contact us" page but no one is submitting the form or calling you, then this suggests that maybe there is a problem with that particular page, or that your page / CTAs aren't engaging enough and need tweaking to boost your conversions.

Final Thoughts

In essence, reverse IP software gives you a birds-eye view of who actually is viewing your website. You can then use this information to help build and refine your website to boost your conversion rate. Contact the JDR Group today for a full discussion on how reverse IP software can take your business to new heights.

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