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At JDR, we are proud to be official partners to HubSpot, the internet’s leading inbound marketing application.

You are most likely aware that the traditional, old-school marketing rules are broken. Prospective customers are increasingly switching off when you try to attract their attention through less than subtle means. Where interruption advertising used to be effective, people now turn to companies that cautiously woo them through inbound marketing.

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What is Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is content that reaches out and draws people in. Share great content on your website and people will enquire about you and ask what you offer. However, inbound marketing takes commitment and the ability to use a wide variety of content marketing tactics, in order to be successful.

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Hubspot Platinum Certified Agency Partner

How Does HubSpot Help With Inbound Marketing

HubSpot is a one-stop shop for all the tools necessary for inbound marketing. It is a software platform that contains all necessary items to help you market your business online. Since it was founded in 2006, it has experienced tremendous growth and now boasts over 11,000 customers in 70 countries.

How HubSpot Can Help You

Content marketing is hugely effective, but it needs both consistency and close monitoring so that you understand what is working to best effect. HubSpot has you covered as it helps with the complete process of creating more traffic, leads and ultimately sales. It is also scalable, thus it can work for the sole entrepreneur through to large scale enterprises.

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Why We Love HubSpot (And Why You Should Too!)

HubSpot is the industry-leading marketing automation platform, and we love it. As a Certified HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency, it’s fair to say we’re biased – but there’s a good reason for this. Using HubSpot has transformed the way inbound marketing works, making it more predictable, less labour intensive, and more effective at building revenue and bringing in more sales. HubSpot is a powerful tool, and over the years we’ve seen customers meet and exceed revenue targets – while using fewer resources – time and time again. It could do the same for your business, too.

How To Understand The Hubspot Contact Timeline

As Hubspot states, contacts are at the core of your marketing and sales strategy. Once these individuals are in your system, you can utilise many opportunities to change them from prospects to fully fledged customers. Knowing a little bit about their background will give you the perfect opportunity to tailor content appropriately via email marketing and eBooks, for example. Information such as their company, their job role and the industry they work in will work in your favour.

How To Send An Email Campaign With HubSpot

Did you know that email marketing can help build awareness around your brand and gain new customers? That’s why many leading names such as Buzzfeed and Mumsnet are using this highly valuable tool to assist in their digital marketing efforts and are reaping the rewards.

With this being said, you might be thinking of how to get a piece of the action through sending your first email campaign via Hubspot. We share with you some straightforward steps to help you get started:

Need A Proper Business Database & Get Away From Excel? Here’s How JDR Can Help Set You Up With A FREE CRM System

You need to keep track of your relationships with your customers, but are you doing that in the most cost-effective and resource-efficient way? Many businesses rely on basic spreadsheets, and some still rely on piles of physical business cards. Keeping everything accessible and easy to manage with these outdated approaches can be a nightmare. Fortunately, if you need to build an intuitive and accessible database, there's a great alternative FREE option: HubSpot CRM.

WordPress & HubSpot CMS Compared - Which Is The Better Platform For Your Website?

WordPress is the single most widely used CMS and web development platform on the Internet, responsible for over 75 million active websites worldwide – that’s 34% of the total number of websites. You don’t have to look far to discover the reasons for this success. WordPress is free to use, easy to learn, requires no coding knowledge, and is supported by a community of millions of keen developers. What’s not to like? Well, nothing – but does that make WordPress the best platform for marketing and lead generation?