No Time To Make Sales? How Working With A Marketing Agency During Busy Times Can Take The Pressure Off Your Team & Boost Productivity


For every person who has relaxed their work schedule during the pandemic and enjoyed bingeing on Netflix, there are others who have never been busier in their working lives.

For thousands of business owners, lockdown has been an endless game of spinning plates, struggling to maintain service with offices and workshops closed, and staff working from home or on furlough. Countless businesses have seen their order books drop worryingly and have faced the heartache of making loyal staff redundant. It has been challenging, to say the least.

Without enough hours in the week to keep your business afloat and maintain a semblance of normality, all these blogs encouraging business owners to focus on making sales can feel disheartening.

Our purpose in this article is to let you know that we get it, and that we understand how tough it has been. We’ve had to make difficult decisions ourselves during lockdown and are not going to pretend for a second that it’s been an easy ride.

From lockdown to recovery

For businesses that have survived the pandemic, the hard work of scratching back to the position enjoyed in February 2020 – not to mention implementing an achievable plan for growth – is only just beginning, and the question of how to balance internal resources to make time for sales is a source of genuine stress and concern.

If your business is in this position, then working with a marketing agency such as ourselves, could help you sustain your online marketing presence, generate leads, and make sales, without putting additional pressure on you and your team. We realise that for many companies, growing your business by taking on lots of new customers may not be the main goal for 2021.

With resources depleted and lockdown still affecting the way you do business, it may simply not be possible to increase your operational output at the moment.

Supporting your business

Unlike some agencies, at JDR we aren’t just focused on pushing sales, or getting you a flood of leads, or getting your website to number one on Google. We’re here to help business owners achieve their goals, and we recognise that these objectives can change from year to year in response to circumstances.

Many of our customers who were keen to grow and expand right up to the pandemic, are now focused on sustaining their current position, or recouping lost contracts, or stabilising their client base in preparation for growth at a future date.

As the UK emerges from lockdown, we’re working with businesses to help them make the best use of their internal resources, by making the time and money they spend on marketing work harder and deliver better results.

Whether you currently need help keeping up your blog because you haven’t got time to update it, help managing a Google Ads campaign, support building a new lead generation website, or want to entirely rethink your value proposition for the post-pandemic marketplace, we can give you the tailored support you need to achieve your goals.

Give us a call to discuss your needs

JDR are an established marketing agency with a team of over 30 experienced marketing professionals, and experience in a wide range of sales and marketing tactics.

We offer personalised solutions to help our customers maximise productivity and work in a more efficient way, and to obtain a level of growth that sits comfortably with their current resources and capabilities. Please feel free to give us a call if you’d like to discuss this further.

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