Super Bowl 50 – Top Marketing Lessons From The World’s Biggest Brands


One of the world’s biggest sporting and entertainment events, the Super Bowl has just passed. The event is beamed around the world and viewed by millions of people. But for marketers, Super Bowl Sunday brings another type of game, learning from the world’s biggest brands on the best way to engage the captive audience of 114+ million people watching for 2016.

Below are some lessons to learn from the world’s biggest brands and their marketing campaign from Super Bowl 50.

Understanding your buyer personas

Before spending up to 5 million dollars for just the advertising space alone in the half time commercials, the world’s major brands will ensure that the commercials meet their buyer personas perfectly to ensure they get the maximum return on investment (ROI) from the huge advertising cost, let alone the production costs from the advertisement.

Pepsi’s commercial, re-creating several campaigns throughout the year, showed how the company changed its advertising and image to reflect the teen target’s interests. The commercial also played to the current teen market’s interest in nostalgia. In a previous Super Bowl the world’s biggest jean manufacturer, Levi, ran the same commercial twice during the game – the first time in English, the second time in Spanish. This reflects an awareness and appreciation of their buyer personas to gain the maximum ROI from the campaign.


To gain the maximum response from their marketing campaigns, the major brands conducted large-scale research to ensure that the advertisement shown at the Super Bowl left the biggest lasting message on their buyer personas. Before airing their very expensive Super Bowl commercial, Levi completed a customer preference survey of different versions of the advertisement on their website, months before a previous Super Bowl, to make sure that the winning version would gain the most engagement. The winning spot was aired during the half time of the Super Bowl.

Marketing Tip: Consider using focus groups with a small selection of your buyer persona’s before launching a major marketing campaign or advertisement. This will make sure that you receive both positive and negative comments about your product or service to enable you to make changes if required, before unveiling to the wider audience.

Consider launching your campaign around an event

With the Super Bowl being viewed by millions of people around the world, this gives the platform for a company to launch a completely new product at the event, and gain instant USA and worldwide exposure. This enables the launch to gain the maximum amount of exposure of the new product or service to a large audience.


A big force that marketers have employed at this years event is live streaming to engage with their buyers even more on the second screen. Between Facebook Live, Meerkat and Periscope, marketers employed these live streaming channels to engage audiences with content specific to their brand or new product/service. Unlike YouTube content, live streaming allows the brand to give the viewer the impression of specific content to the user. Events are limited Time/Edition Product opportunities

What the Super Bowl allows brands to do is commission special limited time/edition products to follow along with the Super Bowl. By commissioning special products or services, it increases the need to buy and can encourage potential customers sitting on the fence to take up your offer today.

Involve your customers

With the Super Bowl’s huge exposure to millions of people, worldwide brands have started to run online polls via social media to get real-time responses. The polls ask their buyer persona’s to participate in real time events happening on the field of play to increase engagement with their product or service and gain even more exposure online for the brand. Implement this in your marketing with online polls using social media or your website. These online polls can give you valuable information to add to your marketing plan and gain the most exposure for your business.

Implementation is key

The Denver Broncos played a strong game to win the Super Bowl 50. When it was time to produce, they pulled it off well, the same applies for marketing plans. Preparation and planning are meaningless without effective implementation of the plan. Ensure that your business completes the elements of the marketing plan,records the results of each stage and works on constantly improving on the results. That is what makes a winning marketing strategy.

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Nothing in sports or entertainment can come close to the power of the Super Bowl advertising. The major world brands use this platform to launch new products/services and create awareness to the millions of viewers. Using the lessons from the world’s major brands to implement in your strategy, you’re sure to win.

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