5 Ways To Use Facebook Live For Your Business To Improve Engagement And Inspire Your Customers


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Engaging and interacting with your customers is a must for any business, and creating content is a great way to do this. Videos and image content creation are much more appealing than text alone. What if the video however was live and in the moment?

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Back in 2015, Facebook released their Facebook Live feature. When this first began testing it was only introduced to celebrities. However, Facebook Live has since been made available to everyone.

This gives you the opportunity to stream live videos on your business Facebook page and your customers can watch, like and comment on your video as it is streaming. If you aren't currently using Facebook Live as part of your business Social Media strategy, you should be.

Continue below to find out how you can use Facebook Live to engage and reach your customers in a new way.

1) Weekly Tips With Questions And Answers

The possibilities of using Facebook Live are endless and the content is so much more appealing and engaging than anything else. Instead of pre-recording a quick tips and tricks video related to your industry, why not shoot it in real time instead?

A great idea that would work for any business is to start a weekly live video series with tips and tricks related to your industry. This could be a short, in the moment video where you are talking directly to your followers and your prospects. During the stream ask them to comment any questions that they have after you have talked about your tips and then you can answer some of these directly.

How useful do you think that would be to your followers? They're much more likely to remember a live video like this than an article, image or anything else. Also, connecting with your prospects in this new way, in real time, breaks down barriers and helps you increase their trust and build your relationships with them.

2) An Inside Look At Your Business

Another great thing you could use Facebook Live for is to show your followers around your business premises and give them an inside look at what happens. Show them your team working if you can and how they interact. They'll love something like this as people generally love watching anything that's behind closed doors and that you don't get to see every day.

This will make that connection they have with you feel even more personal and stronger. This type of connection will help them get to know you more as a business, get to trust you more and then they will ultimately turn into a customer.

3) Live Events

If you are at a business conference, event or exhibition, then show your followers. Stream it live on Facebook. They will love to get a small glimpse of something like this.

Remember though to talk your followers through what is happening, where you are and why to engage them and gather their interest. If they have any questions, ask them to comment and then answer them directly.

4) Interviews

Interviews are another great live streaming idea for Facebook Live. You could interview employees about the industry, other top people in the industry, current clients and more.

People always love hearing other opinions on things so your followers should also love something like this. Again, let them know who the interview is with, why you are streaming it live and answer any questions that your followers have directly.

5) Tease Or Promote New Products And Services

Another way you can be using Facebook Live for your business is to tease or promote new products and services. Let your followers know that something new is coming. Give them a sneak peek into a new product or new service that isn't yet available but will be soon.


The power of Live video streaming to help increase your business Social Media engagement is something you simply cannot ignore. People are currently spending as much as 3x longer watching live video streams than standard native video. Also, don't forget that the quality of your video and audio is also extremely important, so while using a smartphone might suffice, I would recommend in buying proper equipment.

If you aren't using Facebook Live for your business currently, ask yourself why? It should now be a requirement and a standard part of your Social Media strategy going forward.

If you have any queries about Facebook Live or Social Media marketing in general and how it can help your business, contact our team today on 01332 343281 or email info@jdrgroup.co.uk.

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