Is Website Tracking Software Really That Beneficial For Your Business?

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No matter what industry you’re in, you’ve probably received a call from an agency telling you the benefits of getting tracking software installed on your website. It may even be the case you’ve had enough of these calls and you now point blank refuse to have any tracking software on your website. The truth of the matter is that tracking software can be incredibly beneficial to your business. Below are some of the key benefits to website tracking software.

Track What Visitors Are Doing

The first benefit to installing tracking software on your website is that you can track exactly what visitors are doing. What’s more valuable than seeing exactly what your visitors are doing? Seeing what your visitors are doing on your website is an absolute goldmine as you can see what is and isn’t working on the site. If you can clearly see that visitors are all dropping off the website at the same point then this is clear that you need to make relevant changes. Not only will you be able to make positive changes to your website but you can also test new elements on your website. Once you’ve tested new elements on your website you can check the data from your tracking software and see whether it actually worked or not. Of course, different tracking software allows you to do different tasks so make sure you check what is and isn’t possible.

Track How Long Visitors Stay On Your Site

Tracking how long a visitor is on your website will give you a clear indication as to whether or not your content is gripping enough. If you can see that visitors are dropping off your website quickly, then this would point to your content not quite matching what they expected to find. Again this is brilliant information to receive as it means you’re able to test new content and monitor results to see whether or not it makes a difference to the time a visitor stays on your page.

If you take this information along with other data, like keywords your website was found for you can tweak your content even more. You can tweak your content in such a way that you can address the search motive of a visitor had before landing on your website. You’re much more likely to keep a visitor on your website if you address and answer what they searched for.

Track How Visitors Hit Your Site

As previously touched on in the above point you can also track how visitors hit your website. This means you can find out exactly what they searched for in order to have found your website. This is crucial information as you can then see whether or not the right kind of people are landing on your website. If it’s the case that the people landing on your website aren’t quite the people you’re after you can make tweaks to your websites onsite SEO information. This won’t totally remove those people landing on your website but it will certainly help with getting the right people to your website.

Tracking how people found your website will also help with the bigger picture regarding your SEO marketing. If you can see you’re getting clear traffic to your website from keywords and phrases you’re targeting then this means your SEO marketing is working as intended. If it’s the case it’s the other way around then you need to review your current SEO efforts and updates the tactics you’re currently performing.

Track What Your Best Online Marking Is

One of the most beneficial reasons to have tracking software installed on your website is that you can clearly see which online marketing methods are working best for your business and website. Within the tracking software it will show you groupings of sources and these can include; Organic, Social, Paid, Email etc. This will show you where most of your traffic is coming from. From here you can then access each section and find out exactly what each grouping have done once on your website. This will then show you which marketing method is bringing in the most traffic to your website and which one is most successful for you.

Following this, you can then put a plan together of either tweaking different online marketing plans or coming up with new online marketing plans. Either way, this will only improve your marketing efforts and will in time bring in new leads and enquiries for your business.

What Next?

If it’s the case that you’ve already got tracking software installed on your website but are unsure as to what to do next, your best bet is to contact a marketing company that knows best how to analyse your data. Having an expert look over your data can be extremely rewarding as they will know the best steps to take next. They will also bring to the table new tactics and techniques as to gain even more from your website.

If you have not yet got any tracking software on your website then you need to get it installed ASAP. There any many different platforms out there that offer tracking services and it’s all about picking the right software. If you have any questions about current your current tracking software or want advice, contact us today and speak to one of our experts.

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