How To Track Where Your Leads And Enquiries Come From

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Throughout the life of a website, there may be fluctuation in the conversion rates. If you aren't tracking them they may seem completely erratic. Why are my conversions suddenly up? Why are they suddenly down? However usually they aren't erratic at all and it's actually something you’re doing to cause the increase or decrease in conversions. This is why it's so important to gather information on where your leads and enquiries are coming from! When you get increases you need to know what worked so that you can replicate the experience and make the raised visits, the usual visits.

Here are some great ways you can track where your leads are coming from.

Webpage Tracking

By implementing tracking software such as Google Analytics and Hubspot, you can begin to gather all sorts of data about the people who visit your website.

You can learn:

  • The area they live in.
  • Which web pages they visited.
  • The time they viewed those web pages.
  • The amount of time they spent on the website.
  • The kind of traffic they are (Organic, Returning, Direct, Referral or Paid).
  • A limited list of keywords that were searched.

You can use this data to evaluate which campaigns are bringing in the rush of users. Is there a new keyword that's getting a great search rate? Did a local campaign bring in visitors from that area? You can see the similarities of the new visitors and use that to learn what you're doing right (and what you're doing wrong).

Keywords And PPC

While website analytics software may be used as a limited keyword analysis tool, the best way to understand which keywords give you the best results is to run a strong PPC campaign. By looking through the search terms you can see exactly what people are searching for when they visit your website, as well as which keywords result in the most conversions.

Call Tracking

For a lot of B2B businesses, it's common for many sales to be made by phone. In these situations, you could find yourself struggling to keep track of where people are from and it can be awkward asking how people have heard of you. A great way to get past this is to implement call tracking. What this allows you to do is assign each visitor a custom number when they visit your website. You can then track their sales progress from that first visit all the way up to their call making the purchase.

CRM Systems

So now that you have all this information what can you do with it? Well, that's where a CRM system comes in. A CRM system is a place where you can compile all your information on leads in one place. It allows you to see who is doing what on your website in real-time so you can act on the strongest leads, at the ideal times. Filter leads to find the best customers and click-to-call or send a personalised Email that drives them to buy your product.

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