How To Use Google AdWords For Video

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The attention span of a goldfish now exceeds that of the average human. It goes without saying that people are reading less and less while video views are growing. The average consumer with an Internet connection watches roughly 206 videos per month, and videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. With these facts in mind, it’s necessary for marketing to keep up with these ever-increasing demands. Google AdWords has done just that. Google AdWords for video allows you to display video ads on their own or within other streaming video content, on YouTube and across the Google Display Network. 

Google AdWords for video provides three format options and also allows you to specifically target demographics to more efficiently reach potential customers. The demographic options are simple and include age, gender, and interests. 

Google TrueView Ad Formats:

TrueView Ads mean that you are only charged when someone “truly” views your ad, if they watch it for more than 30 seconds, or engage (click on the call-to-action, banners, overlays, etc.) Additionally, you are provided analytics about who is viewing. 

TrueView In-Stream Ad: 

These ads stream before, during, or after other videos posted by YouTube partners (those who have opted to let YouTube post the ads). Viewers watch the ad for 5 seconds, and then are given the option to skip it.

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TrueView Discovery Ads: 

This format displays the ads when viewers are searching keywords in YouTube or browsing videos. As you can see below, these ads can come up on the right column. They can also be posted on YouTube’s homepage, when searching and on other platforms. 

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Bumper Ads: 

Bumper ads are a short, 6 second video ad format and are used for increasing brand awareness. This format does not allow the viewer to skip the ad and you are charged per every 1,000 impressions. 

Tips & Tricks

To make the most of your Google AdWords videos, have a look at the following tips:

1) Stick With It

Interpreting the data retrieved by your video campaigns can help you narrow your focus and better understand your target audience. However, this requires vigilance and consistency by viewing data on a weekly or evenly daily basis. By utilising the information you gain, you will be able to refine your ad campaign and decrease your cost-per-click. 

 2) Quality Videos Are A Must

Creating a compelling and attention-grabbing video ad is a difficult task. It is important to note that it may require professional skills for your video to stand out. Video ads should tell a story and elicit the viewers to take immediate action. It should be eye-catching and interesting but also short and to-the-point. We can help you set the tone you need for your customers. Give us a call to find out more.

3) Emphasise Your Keywords

Your video ad should utilise the keywords you have targeted. In doing so, your video will relate to the viewers who are searching. If you are presenting content that is irrelevant to the audience, you will gain no real traction. This is also where the “sticking to it,” can come into play. In constantly testing your keywords and analysing the results, you can fine-tune your ads for the right audience and increase your return on investment. 

4) Now Go For It

Setting up a basic Google AdWords video campaign is extremely quick and straightforward:

  • Sign into your AdWords account and click the campaigns tab
  • Click the campaigns tab and the “All campaigns” drop-down menu (video campaigns are located with your other campaign types)
  • Select Video Campaign
  • Click the +Campaign and then click video
  • Create a name for the campaign
  • Choose a subtype between, “Mobile app installs,” “Shopping,” or “Learn more about”
  • For standard campaigns:
    • Select “in-stream or video discovery ads,” next to “Video ad formats”
    • Enter a budget
    • Choose networks you would like the campaign to run on
    • Choose the language of your customers
    • Choose the location you would like to target or exclude
    • You can also choose which devices you’d like to show your ads on
    • Click save and continue
    • Enter the advertising group name
    • Next to “Your YouTube video” choose a YouTube video
  • For “video ad format,” choose one of the two TrueView ad options (see above)
  • Enter required information including:
    • Bid amount
    • The targeting methods; these will be defaulted to show to all viewers
  • Click “Save Ad Group”

Video Isn’t Going Anywhere: 

As human attention spans get shorter, videos will only continue to gain traction. Prepare for the future and get on board with video advertising. At JDR we use video as an important aspect of the marketing strategies we deliver for our clients. To achieve the best possible returns from Google AdWords it is useful to work with a knowledgeable agency, such as ourselves, who can help you analyse your results and target your content for the optimum ROI. Give us a call to find out more about how video advertising can benefit you.

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